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Residence Life 

 R.O.C.K. Apartments Room Reservation 2012-2013 




The Rock Apartment Agreement is for the Entire 2014-2015 Academic Year (BOTH Fall and Spring semesters).

There is NO one semester leases for the Rock Apartments, when you sign a lease it is for the entire academic year. Please do not sign an off campus lease and expect to be released from your contract.
Students are signing up as a group for the apartment. This agreement is collective and the occupants are responsible for the entire cost of the apartment. If one or more persons vacate due to release from the agreement, withdrawal, suspension, or transfer to another institution, the remaining occupants MUST find a replacement within 15 working days or cover the entire cost of the apartment, for both fall and spring semesters.

The Office of Residence Life categorizes each group as:

ROCK Apartments Layout

Roommate Wanted   


  • Applications emailed out to students


10/28/2014 Phase 1:

  •  This phase is for returning students. Returning students are all returners to the rock apartments or you must have at least two returning students in your group to be considered for this phase. (You may have two returners and two new students to be in this phase as well).  You must have a group of four students to apply for an apartment.  On Tuesday 10/28/2014 between 8-10 PM you come to the Great Room in Watson Hall with your completed application, 4 group members, and checks or money orders for all students in your group.  The deposit is $250.00 per student and is for the utilities in the apartment.  All application materials must be completed at the time of application.  If you come in with incomplete information you will hold up the line and process for all students.  If you pay with a money order you MUST SAVE THE RECEIPT at the time of purchase in order to get your money back in the event you are NOT chosen for an apartment. More information about the utility deposit will be available in the rock apartment agreement and during the information sessions.  The check or money order must be made out to Slippery Rock University. At this time you will turn in your application. Once we verify that everything is completed with your application you will choose your apartment, a list of apartments will be available during this time. Our office will then assign each student in your group to a bedroom in the apartment.  Therefore, if you are participating in phase 1 then you must attend this session to turn in your application, deposit, and choose an apartment. 


10/1/2014 - 10/31/2014 Phase 2:

  • Phase two is for any new members to the rock apartments, this means you have never lived there before or do not have two other returning members in your group. Applications are due in the Office of Residence Life by 4:00PM on 10/31/2014.  You may turn in your application any time before this date; applications will be released on 10/1/2014 for all phases. 

  • For phase two this process is first come first serve. Each application will be date and time stamped once you turn them in to ensure fairness.  Once we receive all applications you will be notified on Monday 11/3/2014, if you were selected for an apartment.  Our office will then assign you to an available apartment.  If there is a specific apartment you are interested in, you must in advance to let her know of your interest.  Emailing your preference is not a guarantee.

  • If you are not chosen for an apartment we then will place your name on a waiting list in order of your application, in the event that we have an apartment come open we will contact you. 

11/3/2014 - 11/7/2013:

  • Students in phase two will be assigned to an apartment, if selected for an apartment. 


Things to keep in mind:

  • If you are a current first year student you are able to participate in the phase 2 process for fall 2014 spring 2015; however, first year students are not allowed to live in the apartments during their first year here. 
  • If you want to participate in phase 1 you must have at least two returning members in your group
  • The $250.00 utility deposits are for the apartment utility usage, each student must pay this fee.
  • If you go over the usage in the apartments you will be billed separately. There are no monthly utility fees.
  • You may not pay the deposit with cash!
  • You may pull a new transfer student into the process with you, but they must already be formally accepted and have an acceptance letter available as proof.
  • If you are participating in phase 2 and pay with a money order, please, keep your receipt in case your group is not chosen.  The only way to receive a refund on the money order is with a receipt.  I recommend all phase 2 participants pay with a check.
  • If you are not selected your check will be voided, you will be sent an email to pick up your voided check.
  • If you fail to pick up your check, after 30 days, we will shred your voided check.
  • You only need one application per group, please make sure you use the proper application (phase 1 or 2).
  • Residence Life reserves the right to deny anyone, at any time from the rock apartment process.
  •  In the memo line of each check please put your name and student ID number so I know who the check is for.  If you are writing out only one check and there is not enough room for everyone’s name then please attach a separate sheet of paper with everyone’s name and student ID number. (EXAMPLE: Burick, Natalie A00712345) 
  • The price listed on our website will increase for next year and is the per semester price, the current cost per semester is $2730.00.
  • The lease is for the entire academic year of 2014-2015 we do not grant one semester leases for the apartments or residence halls.
  • Residence Life does not require a meal plan when residing in the Rock Apartments; you may choose to purchase one from dining services.
  •  Please make sure you read the entire lease very carefully and understand all terms of the lease.  Staff will be available to answer any questions.


Oct. 1 ROCK Apartment Agreements emailed out to students
Oct. 28 Phase 1 (read instruction on the left)
Oct. 31 Ph. 2 : Applications are due by 4pm in ResLife Office, 105 Watson Hall
Nov. 3 - 7 Ph. 2 : Will be assigned an apartment