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 Residence Hall Policies 



Alcohol Policy

The possession, consumption, or serving of alcoholic beverages or paraphernalia on the Slippery Rock University campus is prohibited.  Students present, or being served, in the presence of, or providing alcohol on campus may be considered in violation of the University's alcohol policy. Violations of the University's alcohol policy will result in disciplinary and/ or legal action.

Because SRU is a state institution, we are required to follow all state and local laws regarding alcohol possession and consumption.  Police will be called if alcohol is found in your residence hall room.

See the University Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.

Banners and Signs

Hanging signs, banners, and posters is permissible under certain conditions. Before hanging any item in a common area or outside of your room contact the residence life staff in your building for approval and a listing of appropriate locations.

Bathrooms and Showers

Members of the opposite sex are not permitted to use the bathroom facilities in the residence hall.  Shower stalls are single occupancy only.

 Bicycle Storage

Students are permitted and encouraged to bring bicycles to the University.  For security reasons, bicycles are permitted to be stored in student rooms.  The University is not responsible for theft or damage to any bicycle.  Bicycles may not block exits, such as windows or doorways and may not be hung from walls, ceilings or furniture. In the new residence halls (A, B, D, E, F and Watson) there are hooks already hung on the walls for bikes. They are located in the individual living quarters and in the common areas.

Candles, Incense, Fireworks, Firearms, Flammables and Explosives

Due to fire safety and personal safety, both the possession and the use of any items that might be classified under these headings is strictly forbidden in University residence halls.


All appliances must be UL approved and surge protectors must be used.  Hot air poppers, hotpots/coffee pots with automatic shut off, refrigerators 4 cubic feet/8 amps, and microwaves 8 amps or less are all approved devices.

Items with open heating coils, electric skillets, toasters, toaster ovens, deep fat fryers, George Foreman type grills, halogen lamps and extension cords are all prohibited.


Common Area: When hallways, bathrooms, elevators and other public areas in a residence hall receive undue abuse, we expect the assistance of residents in identifying the responsible individual(s). When the individual cannot be identified, all residents in that area will be required to pay a share of repairing such damages.

Room: You are responsible for any damage that occurs in your room during your occupancy.  If damages are accidental you must still pay repair costs.


The use, possession or sale of drug paraphernalia, narcotics, marijuana or other legally controlled substances is strictly prohibited in the residence halls and on SRU's campus  The use of substances which violate this law will result in disciplinary and/or legal action.  Suspected drug or alcohol overdoses should be reported immediately to the staff or student health center for evaluation.

Elevator Use

Elevator occupancy is limited to a maximum of six persons at any time.  Elevators are located in all Traditional Halls and Residential Suites.


Equipment such as games, athletic equipment, billiards, Ping-Pong, VCRs, Vacuums and recreational equipment may be checked out of the residence hall office with your SRU student ID.

Fire Safety

Any student who willfully compromises the safety of fellow residents by tampering with fire safety equipment or sounding false alarms will be subject to criminal prosecution and University disciplinary action.  All students must evacuate the building when the alarm sounds.  Failure to do so will subject the student to disciplinary action.

Furniture Removal/Storage

Every piece of furniture in your room at the time you move in must stay in your room for the duration of your residency.  You may not remove, store or trade furnishings from your room.  Furniture may not be taken from lounges or public areas and kept in student rooms. Because of the limited amount of space in the residence halls, the University cannot store student belongings.

Health and Safety

To ensure the health and safety of residents, CAs conduct health and safety inspections monthly.  These inspections are posted 24 hours in advance and are scheduled to determine that the following procedures are followed.

Authorized, UL approved power strips, screens in window, clean room, furniture on floor/not stacked, no materials draped from ceilings or room doors, over light fixtures or smoke detectors, no alcohol containers empty or full.

Lock Out Procedure

Students who are locked out of their room may sign out a temporary access card or key from the Front Desk. Temp card and key must be returned within 3 days. There's a fee if not returned.

At no time will a student be admitted to another persons room.

Needle/Syringe Disposal

Students who require use of hypodermic syringes must dispose of them in a container designed for that purpose.  These containers may be obtained by contacting the Student Health Center at ext. 2052 or the Safety Office at ext. 2055.  Needles should not be disposed of in the residence hall garbage.

Quiet Hours

Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours a day.  This means that anytime the request is made to be quiet, it will be honored.  Quiet Hours are in effect from 8 pm to 8 am Sunday through Thursday and 10 pm to 10 am Friday and Saturday.  This means that there should be no disturbing noise in the residence hall. Throughout final examination week, strict quiet hours are observed 24 hours a day.  Quiet Hours are to be observed both inside and outside of the building.

Room Changes

No room change should be made unless a formal request has been submitted by the student and approved by the Residence Life Office.

Two weeks into each semester a "free" room change week will be advertised and take place in each hall.  Speak to your staff for details.  After that time, approved room changes incur a $25.00 fee, which is charged to the student who moves.

Room Condition Reports

At the beginning of the academic year you will be give a Room Condition Report (RCR) to complete regarding the condition of your room and its contents.  It should be filled out in detail to avoid being charged for previously existing damages to the room.  Any damage found in your room at the end of the semester which is not contained in the initial room condition report will be billed back to the occupants of the room.

Sales and Solicitation

To protect your right to privacy in your residence hall room, door to door or common area solicitation is prohibited in the residence halls. Sale of items is limited to the confines of your room, i.e. you may sell T-shirts for your organization from your room.


All residence halls are smoke free. Smoking and non-smoking preferences will be considered in the room assignment process. Smoking in individual residence hall room is not permitted. Users of smokeless tobacco are not permitted to expectorate in any common area of the residence hall, i.e. water fountains, hall trash cans sinks, etc.

Tornado Drills

Tornado Drills are conducted throughout the year.  When the tornado warning is issued, all students/guests must assemble in the nearest designated tornado shelter immediately.  Do not attempt to leave the building.


A guest is anyone who is not assigned to live in your room, hall or residence hall. Guests have restricted access to SRU residence halls.  All individuals not assigned to your residence hall must be registered as guests.

Guests (student/non-student) may visit your room during the following hours:

10:00 am - midnight Monday - Thursday

10:00 am Friday - midnight Sunday

  • Guests may only visit students room if both roommates agree that the guest may visit.
  • All guests must be registered by a resident host of the building.  The host student assumes responsibility of the guest during their entire visit.
  • All guests must enter/exit the hall through the main doors and must sign in/out with their host each time.
  • Guests of the same gender as the assigned residents of the room may sleep over Friday and Saturday nights only and only with the advanced permission of all residents of the room.
  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age.  Special permissions may be granted by the GRD only with signed parental permission in advance.


Waterbeds are not permitted in University residence halls.


Screen must not be removed from windows. No items may be thrown from windows.