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Your Place to Live & Learn At The Rock 

Regardless of where you're from.... your hometown, however big or small, there is a sense of belonging that comes from being a part of the residence hall community at Slippery Rock University. You know the neighbors, the places to go, how to get there, and you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Your place at The Rock is your home in a close-knit community that offers all the advantages of home, plus some advantages you won't get at home. Here are just a few.

Advantages of Living at the Rock

  • Academic classrooms, professors and advisors, a close to six hundred thousands volume library, tutors and academic researches, quiet and group study spaces in your residence hall or within a short walk.
  • 24-hour access to campus health facilities with a short walk or via shuttle as needed.
  • Access to dining facilities, a grill, and convenience stores including free delivery of pizza using your campus meal plans.
  • Recreational facilities including an extensive and facility that includes a fitness (cardio and weight room), indoor pool, track, basketball and racquetball courts. Campus recreational facilities include softball, soccer and football field, tracks and basketball & tennis courts.
  • Custodial and maintenance staff that include easy repainting systems and quick service.

Your residence hall room/hall includes:

  • free basic cable TV service with 70 channels
  • 24-hour access to hall equipment, guest registration, room lock outs, and Residence Life staff
  • in building laundry facilities, kitchens, study and recreational lounges, pool tables, and vending machines
  • opportunities for work, leadership experiences, educational and social programs, and involvement in hall council
  • 24 hour locked doors, ID access, video security systems, and on-site Residence Life staff