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 Co-Curricular Experience Program 



The Co-Curricular Experience Program (CCE) is an opportunity for students to become engaged and involved their education outside of their academic courses.  The focus of the program is to foster learning and development that complements a student's classroom curriculum as well as encourages them to become involved in a variety of co-curricular experiences.  Students who participate in workshops, conferences, activities, internships, volunteering, and a number of other professional preparation activities will be able to build their student involvement transcript through this program.  Based off of the university’s strategic trends and learning outcomes, the CCE program has defined 9 categories for students to explore and investigate as a way of developing their own skills and abilities.

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Foundation
  • Communication Skills
  • Social and Cultural Understanding
  • Personal Development
  • Community Service and Service Learning
  • Your ROCK Engagement
  • Appreciation of the Arts
  • Ideals and Beliefs

Why participate in CCE?

In this fast-paced, global environment, employers are expecting college graduates to not only have the knowledge of their industry but also to…

  • Possess sound communication skills one to one and in groups
  • Demonstrate capable, ethical leadership through practical experience
  • Engage in their community, take civic responsibility, and demonstrate social awareness
  • Understand other cultures and possess a global perspective
  • Be active stewards of the environment with a focus on the future
  • Seek to be lifelong learners who understand the continual need for self development

The CCE program provides each student with an opportunity to build a unique portrait of his or her collegiate experience through involvement and participation in a wide array of activities, events and programs outside of the classroom.

These unique and challenging experiences--coupled with a sound academic curriculum--provide Slippery Rock Students with a holistic education that will help prepare them for the competitive employment market.

What is the time commitment to complete the program?

To complete the CCE program requirements, students must participate in 144 different workshops/activities/experiences over the course of their academic career.  In order to do this in a manageable format, each year students will be completing 36 different programs spanning the 9 different categories.  Although 36 may seem like a daunting number, it is estimated that students should be able to fulfill their CCE requirements by spending 2-3 hours each week participating in CCE sponsored events.  In addition to what is offered during the semester, about 20% of the CCE requirements can also be met through new student orientation programs before class is in session!

Interested in more information? View the University Trends and Outcomes to see how CCE incorporates learning outcomes of the university into the program.

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