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1. How do I start a new student organization?

As an SRU student, you are encouraged to browse our list of registered student organizations to identify those that might be of interest to you. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, we are hopeful that you and others who share your interest will start something new. If you are interested in starting a new organization, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at 724-738-2092. You will receive the information necessary to begin the process.

2. How does my organization reserve a room for an activity?

As the leader of your organization you will probably have to schedule a room to use for meetings, workshops, study hours, special group sessions or social activities. There are a number of spaces on campus that student organizations can utilize for meetings and activities. The Robet M. Smith Student Center, Aebersold Student Recreation Center, Ski Lodge and Alumni House are a few of the options. Campus staff are extremely helpful in providing a room that will fit your needs.  Planning in ADVANCE is still very important considering the number of campus activities from year to year.  Don't wait until the last minute!  For assistance with reservations contact:

Robert M. Smith Student Center: 724-738-4926, Rec Center 724-738-4895 and Ski Lodge 724-738-4800, Field House or Sports Fields 724-738-2626, Other University Classroom buildings 724-738-2027.

3. How and when are student organizations eligible to receive funding from Student Government?

A student organization may be eligible to apply for funding after it has been recognized as such for two years.  Applications for funding are typically submitted in the Spring and would serve as the request for the following academic year. Once you become a student organization it is crucial that Student Government see progress and opportunities for student connection through your organization. We recommend that you get to know the current SGA officers and the staff in the Co-Operative Activities office so that you will be prepared when your opportunity to apply becomes available. You may call the Co-Op Office at 724-738-2103.  

4. What should our advisor be doing?

Having an active advisor is essential to the success of your student organization.  As a leader of your organization it is important that you provide your advisor with information and ask for assistance and advice whenever you feel the need. You should utilize your advisor as a resource for organization management, policy clarification and guidance on all issues related to the group. Advisors should meet with the president regularly, attend meetings if available and stay abreast of current activities and issues. Advisors must also sign off on all room reservations and registration materials.  

5. What type of advertising mediums are available to student organizations?

There are a number of different ways that your organization can advertise an upcoming meeting, special event or activity. Posting of flyers and chalking of walkways is one good way to let potential participants know what you are planning. Go to 2013-2014 Organizational Manual (.pdf) on the web for more details.

Probably the best way to get information to a variety of different areas in one shot is through posting on the SRU Master Calendar. You can access the calendar on the SRU main page at When submitting an event or activity, you should select the "activities" calendar to submit. When submitting a meeting you should select "student organizations." Information from various sub-calendars are automatically submitted to the master calendar. If your activity is posted on the calendar, Public Relations will advertise through the "Top of the Rock" daily newsletter that is distributed electronically. Remember--don't wait until the last minute!

You may also wish to advertise on the Channel 6 closed-curcuit tv system that runs in the residence halls. To do so, provide a one slide PowerPoint page to the university help desk. You may send your ad via e-mail to

6. How do we acquire a tax ID #?

To obtain a Tax ID number for your organization contact the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) at 800-829-4933. Select menu option 'EIN' (Employee Identification Number). You can also call 877-829-5500 for more information on non-profit organizations.  

7. Are there resources available to help prepare a training retreat for our members?

The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership exists to provide student organization leaders with resources for managing their organizations. Information on team building, goal setting, communication, member appreciation, parliamentary procedure, conflict resolution, meeting management and stress management are just a few of the resources available in the center. We have an open office space for students to sit and view our resources and invite organization leaders to ask questions of center staff as often as need be. We are here to help your organizations be successful and for you to become a more dexterous leader. For more information about the resources available please stop by our office on the second floor of the Robert M. Smith Student Center. You can also contact us at 724-738-2092.

8. What could happen if our organization is found in violation of any of the university policies?

The SRU Code of Conduct governs the behavior of all students and student organizations on and off University premises. The University will address behavior when it adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of the University's objectives.

Students and student organizations are expected to comply with the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, federal laws, and Slippery Rock Borough ordinances and may be charged under this Code for violation of state or federal law or Slippery Rock Borough ordinances whenever those offenses occur.

Should actions violate both University regulations and public law, this may result in the application of University disciplinary proceedings in addition to any criminal proceedings. (Cited: SRU Student Code of Conduct).

9. How often should we update our constitution?

It's important to update your constitution as often as changes occur within your organization. Considering the constant transitioning of new officers, the constitution may be the only official document a new officer or advisors has to utilize as a resource. The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership does request that student organizations provide them with an updated constitution at least every two years. Current student leaders upload the organizations' constitutions so that future leaders of the group have a document to refer to in case originals where misplaced or destroyed. You should double check with the Assistant Director of Student Involvement at 724-738-2029.

10. Who is liable for student organizations actions and activities?

Although student organizations are typically well intentioned--we are still working with students who are primarily 18-21 years of age. From time to time an organization, or representative of an organization participates in an action or activity that is detrimental to the organization, it's members, the community and/or the university.  

It is imperative that organization leaders and advisors understand that they may be liable for the actions of the organization. Long before an injury or accident occurs, advisors have many opportunities and the responsibility to provide guidance in planning and managing activities and promoting a safe learning environment. If you ever have any reservations about a particular activity that your group is planning, it is best to discuss the program with your advisor/and or someone from The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. You may contact the Center at 724-738-2092.