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 Emergency Management Services 



Emergency Management Services

It is the mission of Slippery Rock University Emergency Management to provide policies, education and training to enhance the protection of lives and property.  Emergency Management will coordinate and integrate all SRU resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies that affect Slippery Rock University

Emergency Operations Plan

Since an emergency is, by definition an incident that may occur suddenly, without warning, at any time, or any place, Slippery Rock University (SRU) has developed this Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Training Manual.  It is designed to provide the basic administrative structure and procedures necessary to cope with emergency situations.

Slippery Rock University’s EOP was created to address emergencies that may happen on campus or at a SRU facility.  The EOP is designed to assist SRU leaders  with the ability to coordinate emergency response and minimize the effect on employees, students, visitors, and facilities.  SRU is committed to providing continuous education and research opportunities to all of its staff and students.  This plan recognizes that any interruption of service to staff or students is a potential emergency and that SRU will use all resources to quickly and safely mitigate the emergency.

SRU and its operations are susceptible to emergencies such as natural disasters, severe weather, and other hazards.  Because an almost limitless number of emergencies may be encountered, the EOP was designed to serve as a template for the many possible responses.  Procedures have been designed to comply with applicable regulations posed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The EOP is the foundation for the SRU Comprehensive Emergency Management Program.  This program consists of plans, procedures, training, drills and exercises, to acquire resources and equip facilities based in the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  It has been developed to coordinate with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA); Butler County ,  Slippery Rock Borough, and Slippery Rock Township Emergency Operations Plans and to maintain emergency response capabilities.  It is designed to interface with community response organizations and anticipate potential emergencies which may affect any operation or service.
The key elements of the Emergency Operations Plan of Slippery Rock University has an emphasis on three goals:

     •        to protect life
     •        to protect property
     •        to resume normal operations

These three goals can only be achieved when SRU administrators, faculty, maintenance personnel or staff, support staff, students, government entities, and all other outside resources become involved in the development and implementation of the EOP.  This meticulous preparation, through education, and training, and the systematic implementation during an emergency, will allow SRU to survive an emergency or disaster so it can resume normal operations.
The three goals of the plan are strengthened by a framework of four fundamental phases:

        preparedness – planning for an emergency or disaster event
        response – the planned response to an emergency or disaster event
        recovery  - the process of returning to normal operations
        mitigation – steps taken to prevent the effects of an emergency or 

These four phases, when used together, will lessen the impact of an emergency and its latent effects that could disrupt SRU’s operations more than the actual emergency or disaster itself.

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