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The mission of the Robert M. Smith Student Center is to serve as a gathering place for the campus community.  The services, programs, activities, and opportunities that the Student Center provides are designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and visitors and foster a sense of community and campus loyalty.  Through their involvement with the Student Center, students develop skills in leadership, citizenship, diversity awareness, and professionalism.

The combination of services and the variety of meeting and multi-purpose space makes the Student Center the venue of choice for students, staff, faculty, and community to hold meetings,  special events, weddings, conferences, and informal gatherings.

Now open, the Robert M. Smith Student Center provides more space for students including a movie theater, food court, and student organization offices. 

Click here to view the campus map. We are building number 41!

Please stop by or contact us with any questions. You can also call the information desk at 724-738-4926.


Sun 9a- 12a
Mon 7:30a- 12a
Tue 7:30a - 12a
Wed 7:30a - 12a
Thu 7:30a - 12a
Fri 7:30a - 10p
Sat 10a - 10p