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 Interpersonal Violence 



Sexual Violence

Sexual assault includes a person touching another person sexually without consent or forcing someone to touch you sexually.                      

Rape is penetration with an object, or body part when the act happens without explicit consent.  Consent cannot be given by someone who is:

  • Considered mentally incompetent (they cannot understand what is happening).
  • Under the legal age of consent. In PA that’s 16.
  • Passed out, unconscious, or noticeably drunk/on drugs.

Partner Violence

Partner violence includes threats, physical abuse, psychological or emotional trauma, and sexual violence that occur between two people who are in a relationship.


Stalking includes repeated, unwanted communication that causes fear or emotional distress to the person receiving the communication.  Communication can be in any form.  


If you experience any type of interpersonal violence talking to people on campus that have training in this area might be helpful to you.  Your options include, but are not limited to:

Women’s Center                     724-738-2121                M-F 8-4:30
Bridge Project staff will talk with you about the dynamics of interpersonal violence based on your current situation and provide you referrals to the appropriate on and off  campus services based on your needs.  If you choose to report the incident to any additional  offices and advocate can explain to you what will happen when you arrive at  those places, accompany you to appointments, and follow up with you to see if you    have additional questions or concerns. 

Student Health Services               724-738-2052             Open 24 hours
A nurse practitioner can provide STI prevention medication and Emergency Contraception. You may have a drug test done at the health center if you suspect you have unwilling taken a drug and health services can provide transport to a local hospital if you choose to have a medical forensic exam for the purposes of evidence collection. Temporary safe housing can also be arranged through health services if you are afraid to return to your room, apartment or house. 

As part of their protocol health services will contact the Bridge Project or VOICe upon learning of an incident of sexual violence.  It is ultimately your choice to speak with an advocate.  The police will not be contacted to arrive at health center unless you request this, there is a life-threatening emergency, or someone is in danger.  Staff is obligated to report the occurrence (not identifying information) of an incident that is reported to them for federal statistics under the Clery Act.     

Student Counseling Services        724-738-2034              M-F 8-4:30
Counselors can provide crisis counseling, individual supportive counseling, psycho-educational services and referrals. This service is already included in your student fees and counseling records are confidential unless you sign a written release, except as required by law. Appointments should be made in advance. 

University Police                  
     724-738-3333              24 Hours
University Police can respond to incidents occurring on our campus.  If something happens to you off campus you should contact 911, the dispatcher will notify the accurate police station. University police will make all efforts to investigate a crime within the scope of the law. You have the right to change your mind and stop an investigation.

An incident can be reported to the police and kept on file without requesting an investigation be done.  This serves two purposes: 1) student can choose to proceed with an investigation at a later date, 2) police can keep the accused perpetrators name on file in the event that another student comes forward to report a crime. 

Legal Protection Orders are administered through the court system. Campus no trespass/no contact orders must be administered by the Office of Student Conflict Resolution Services. University Police will honor all orders as directed by the law, you must take a copy of the order to University Police for their files.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution Services           
This office investigates violations of the Student Code of Conduct and can conduct disciplinary hearings, help with housing or class schedule adjustments and issue campus no trespass/no contact orders.






Threatening to or committing interpersonal violence is a violation of SRU’s Student Code of Conduct. Click here for the Student Code of Conduct.

Click here for reporting procedure.

The University is   required to keep  statistics on the number of crimes that occur on our campus each year including sexual violence. To view Campus Security Statistics, click here.


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