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 Non-SRU Students 



You don't have to be an SRU student to get ahead this summer. Whether you are a student at another college or university, a qualified high school student, or a community member who wants to take a university class, Summer Session may be the way to meet your academic needs.

Soak up some summer courses.
Follow these steps the register for courses at SRU:

Step 1: Review the Summer Courses Schedule or Master Course Schedule. 

Step 2: Complete one of the two forms below.

Undergraduate Students:

Visiting: A Visiting Student is an undergraduate student from another PASSHE institution who has earned a minimum of 12 college-level credits from that university and is in good academic standing.

Visiting Student Application

Transient: A Transient Student is a person who is pursuing an Undergraduate degree at another institution, but would like to complete coursework at SRU to transfer back to the home institution. Students who are seeking a degreee at another PASSHE institution are considered Visiting Students and should follow the Visiting Student Process.

Preliminary Application to Attend Summer School

Step 3: Registering for a Course:

Visiting & Transient students may register on or after April 20, 2015.

Visiting students from other PASSHE Universities, and Transient students once admitted, contact the Office of Academic Records and Summer School at 724-738-2010 to register for classes.

Graduate Students:

Summer Session is a great opportunity to get a jump start on your graduate education. Students who have earned a Baccalaureate degree and who are interested in available coursework may apply as either a degree or non-degree seeking student for Summer Sessions.

Step 1: Review the Summer Courses Schedule or Master Course Schedule

Step 2: Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 724-738-2051 for admission and registration materials.

Soak up some summer courses.

Summer Sessions


5/13  5/29

First Session

6/01  6/26

Second Session

6/29  7/27

Full Summer

5/13  7/27

Summer Term

6/01  7/27