Rock Integrated Studies Program

The Rock Integrated Studies Program (the RISP, or, as it is referred to on campus, "Rock Studies") at Slippery Rock University is the general education requirement for all academic majors at the University. It includes 42 credits of the required 120 minimum credits required for graduation. It therefore requires as many credits as many majors, and is just as important as a major to our students' educations. Its purpose is to reinforce connections between learning within major programs and the broader learning gained in an undergraduate curriculum.

To introduce Rock Studies we have created a video that describes the parts of the program and related academic requirements.

The Rock Studies program replaces the former general education program, Liberal Studies. If you are a student who needs to find out which program you should follow, or if you are an Adviser who needs to find out whether a student should follow Rock Studies or Liberal Studies, please see the drop-down menu below for clarification.

Because some majors prescribe specific courses within Rock Studies, students should keep a current Rock Audit report (available via MySRU) and their prospective major's Curriculum Guide next to a Rock Studies Guide while they make course selections with their Academic Advisers.

Students who are seeking to transfer to Slippery Rock, and have questions about how they might prepare for Rock Studies, should get in touch with the Admissions office for course suggestions and further guidance. Transfer students will start to enter SRU under Rock Studies in in the Summer and Fall terms of 2021. Until then, students will continue to transfer in under the latest iteration of the Liberal Studies Program.