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Learn about the Disaster Cycle, Psychology, and Response

SRU Provides Rock Solid Emergency Management Education

Emergency Management

Offered by: Homeland Corporate Security Studies

The Emergency Management certificate is designed for students or working professionals with an interest in applying emergency management principles to their area of the industry. Emergency Management complements many majors, including Homeland Security, Hospitality Management, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Engineering, Business and Supply Chain Management, Public Health, Geography, Information Technology, and many more. Emergency management is everywhere.

Why Choose a certificate in Emergency Management?

With disasters happening every day, there are hundreds of emergency relief organizations. These groups range from federal and state agencies to non-profit outfits such as the Red Cross. With the skills provided by Slippery Rock's Emergency Management minor, a graduate will be knowledgeable of the latest techniques used in the field and be ready to jump right in.

What Will You Learn?

Students learn about the disaster cycle, fundamentals of disaster psychology, historical events and their impacts, crisis communication, disaster response and recovery, principles of humanitarian relief and homeland security and defense.

Careers In Emergency Management

Career opportunities include man in the public & Private Sector within the United States at all levels as well as international humanitarian agencies.