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Gain the knowledge and skills you need to teach Health and PE online

Teaching Health and PE Online (Online)

Offered by: Physical and Health Education

SRU's Teaching Health and Physical Education Online Letter of Completion is an entirely online program with classes offered during summer and winter sessions. This program, comprised of only 12 credits, prepares you to teach online classes in health and physical education to students in grades K-12, and provide you with best practices for engaging students through distance learning or online education.

Why Choose Teaching Health And Physical Education Online Certificate?

Many school districts and educational providers today are creating their own cyber programs to provide another way of reaching students, and to compete with the growing number of cyber charter schools. Both school districts and charter schools alike are offering an increasing number of online class options-including health and physical education. Through SRU's Teaching Health and Physical Education Online Certificate you'll gain the skills you need to teach online classes, enhancing your value as an educator.

What Will You Learn?

You'll learn how to deliver quality health and physical education through cyber school in K-12 settings.

The certificate program includes the following online classes:

  • Foundations of Distance Education
  • Teaching Educational Technology through Distance Education
  • Teaching Physical Education through Distance Education
  • Teaching Health Education through Distance Education

Career Opportunities

SRU's certificate program will prepare you for a career as a Health and Physical Education Teacher, and will provide you with the skills to effectively teach classes online for a school district or charter school cyber learning program.

Admission Requirements & Costs