Travel Opportunities

Our students have traveled to Italy to take courses in food and travel writing and Italian Literature. Last year students took a cooking class from Chef Carmelita from Bologna. They had a day's seminar with Professor Giorgio Mariani from the University of Rome and lunched with Italian graduate students. Students toured the Coliseum and the Vatican in Rome. They stayed in apartments in Florence, studying the Italian Renaissance and seeing works by Michelangelo, da Vinci, Raphael, and Botticelli. In Bologna they saw the buildings that Dante wrote about, and they learned to cook, eat and write about some the best food in the world. Ready to pack your bags? Visit the this blog for more information about our English in Italy travel program.

Every year students also travel to Canada to attend the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and beginning in Winter 2017 will enjoy an opportunity to study Indian Literature of the Diaspora in Trinidad. Domestic trips are also popular, and our students have visited Thoreau's home as well as Pittsburgh performances and museums.