Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Program

Purpose Statement

The Slippery Rock University Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) program will provide professional quality interview, educational, and referral services that promote the enhancement of student learning, development, and overall wellness.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AOD program at Slippery Rock University is to support and encourage healthy choices concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs while promoting a safe, healthy, and learning-conducive environment.

Student Expectations

As a student participating in the Slippery Rock University AOD program, you are encouraged to complete the program in a timely manner, as the Program only runs during Fall and Spring semesters. Completion in a timely manner involves keeping appointments and attendance to recommended educational sessions. If a scheduling conflict arises please call 724.738.6029 or email to change your appointment.

Students attending an AOD program appointment must:

  • Pay the fee at Student Accounts Old Main or electronically using this link. Fees provide support for educational materials for the program.

  • Pre-schedule for your appointment.

  • Have receipt of payment to appointment.

  • Arrive on time.


During your interview, you will meet one-on-one with an interviewer trained in the administration of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI).

The AOD program interviews are held Monday through Friday during Fall and Spring Semesters only. Be sure to schedule an appointment time in advance.

These interviews are intended for students who are self-referred or referred to the AOD program.

The interview takes approximately 45 minutes.

Feedback Meeting

All students participating in the AOD program who complete an interview are required to attend a follow up feedback meeting.

The feedback meeting gives the student an opportunity to review the results of the interview, the results of an electronic web-based feedback instrument (eCHECKUP TO GO) and speak openly with the interviewer about AOD related risks or concerns. The feedback meeting is typically conducted with the same individual who administered the SASSI and brief interview.

Choices Group Educational Workshop (If Required)

The AOD program CHOICES group workshops are held several times a month In Carruth Rizza Hall (CRH).

The AOD program CHOICES group workshops are intended for students in the AOD program who have already completed their interview and feedback meetings. Scheduling of these workshops takes place during the feedback meeting.

Each CHOICES group workshop runs approximately 90 minutes and is held in groups of no more than 12 students. The content of the workshops is based on CHOICES interactive journaling curricula (The Change Companies, Inc.).

Specified Educational Group Workshops (If Required)

The AOD program Specified group workshops, if required, are intended for those who have completed the interview, feedback. They are held several times a month at Carruth Rizza Hall (CRH).

A minimum of two (2) Specified group workshops are required, each lasting 60-90 minutes. Group sizes are smaller and allow for more interaction among group participants. Specified Group workshops are based on MEE-LEE interactive journaling curricula (The Change Companies, Inc.).

Note: For students with marijuana related violations educational materials including Etoke and interactive journaling materials (MEE-LEE; The Change Companies, Inc.) are available and used during the educational process.

Informational Links




Do you have a desire to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs? Self-help meetings are available to students and the community. A Narcotics Anonymous meeting is available every Thursday @ 7:00 PM at the Lutheran Church (across from McDonald's). Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are also available through the Newman Center (adjacent to the McKay Building) and the Presbyterian Church in town. Check them out to see about joining a fellowship of non-drinkers and non-users.

Are you interested in fellowship with other SRU students in recovery? Please follow the ROCK Recovery link above for more information.

For additional information on the Alcohol & Other Drug Program:

Dr. Chris Cubero
Director of the AOD Program