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Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence

Cognitive Science: Interdisciplinary Programs

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Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind. Students will focus on topics such as consciousness, perception, intelligence, and problem solving. using the disciplines of neuroscience, computer science, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. Students can choose their area of research from a wide variety of topics and a variety of interdisciplinary methods.

Why Choose Cognitive Science?

  • Cognitive Science offers the unique opportunity to work across different disciplines within the department of interdisciplinary programs. 
  • Slippery Rock offers one of only 63 undergraduate programs in Cognitive Science available within the US.
  • Cognitive Science students will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty in undergraduate research.
  • Training in Cognitive Science is broader than that of other job candidates, your degree will be of interest to employers. A degree in Cognitive Science says that you have a variety of interests and skills and can integrate knowledge from various disciplines in order to think about problems in unique ways.
  • Undergraduates are assigned an academic advisor as a guide with the goal of successful employment after graduation or successful acceptance to graduate school. 

What Will You Learn?

Students pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science will be able to do the following.

  • Students will be able to use critical thinking skills to evaluate the theories and research findings in cognitive science and how these findings apply to individuals, society, and culture.
  • Students will be capable of cogent oral and written communication within the field of cognitive science.
  • Students will be able to think across disciplines to deal with issues of mind and the relation of mind to body.
  • Students will be able to explain and apply the basic issues and debates concerning the mind and brain such as the problems of consciousness, perception, intelligence and problem solving to both academic and practical work settings.

Careers In Cognitive Science

Many students of cognitive science continue their study of the nature of mind in graduate school, either in a department of cognitive science, or in a traditional department of computer science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, or neuroscience. Understanding the mind and the mind-body connection is a core strength in many fields, making career paths for the cognitive science degree holder wide-ranging. Because this area of study looks at the science of human behavior, thinking and decision making, careers range from the analytical to the social. A degree in cognitive science can prepare you for careers in artificial intelligence, business, data analysis, education, government intelligence, healthcare, human performance, information processing, law, marketing, product design, psychology, research and software design.

While many SRU cognitive science majors will continue their education after earning their bachelor's degree, graduates of the department have secured careers in the following areas:

  • Computer resource specialist
  • Legal research analyst
  • Research technician
  • Software engineer
  • Account manager
  • Web developer
  • Data representation and retrieval
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Human factors engineering
  • Computer-human interaction
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human performance testing
  • Speech synthesis and voice recognition
  • Marketing representative
  • Technical writer
  • Consultant

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