Change Password


  • Expire every 90 days


  • Password must be at least 8 characters in length
  • Must be different than your previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot contain part of your user name
  • Must have 3 of the 4 characteristics below:
    • Lowercase character(s)
    • Uppercase character(s)
    • Numeric character(s)
    • Special character(s), such as % $ #


EXPIRED PASSWORD - if your password has expired, click on on the Expired Password? link on the MySRU login page.

Expired Password Image

You can then log in to Office 365 using the expired password and it will immediately force you to change the expired password. If you are logged into Office 365 automatically, you will need to log out and then log back in to be prompted to update your password.

USING YOUR CURRENT PASSWORD - You must know the current password and it must not be expired

Option 1 - via Microsoft Office 365 Portal

  • Log into using your full SRU email address and current password
  • Click on the gear cog in the upper right hand corner

Image of gear cog

  • Click on Change Your Password

image of change your password link

Option 2 - via MySRU

  • Log into using your SRU user name and current password
  • Click on Change Password on the MySRU Home tab

Image of password length left on MySRU

Option 3 - While logged on to an SRU computer while on campus

  • Log on to the computer using your SRU user name and password
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • Click on Change Password


USING THE PASSWORD RECOVERY TOOL - this method must be used if you do not know your current password.

Step 1 | Access the Password Recovery Tool

Access Option 1 - via the MySRU login page

Forgot Password Image

Access Option 2 - via Microsoft Office 365 Portal

Microsoft sign in image

  • Click on Forgot my password

Highlight of forgot password

Step 2 | Follow the steps in the wizard

Microsoft account recovery

Step 3 | Choose your verification method

Choosing method of verification

Step 4 | Type in the code that you received

Image of Microsoft verification code

Step 5 | Create a new password following the rules above