Password Recovery

The Password Recovery Tool allows you to recover your SRU account if you have forgotten the password or if your password expires before you change it. This is a proactive step toward ensuring continued access to your account and, therefore, the tool must be configured while you have a working password.

Set up the Password Recovery Tool now

How to Set up the Password Recovery Tool

Step 1 | Log into MySRU and click on Password Recovery Tool Setup.

Image of password length left on MySRU

Step 2 | Log in using your full email address and current password.

Microsoft sign in image

Step 3 | You will be given the option to configure a phone number and/or personal email address as authentication methods for password recovery.

image of tool setup

Authentication phone: Enter a telephone number and select to either receive a text or phone call. You will then be contacted at the telephone number you provided to complete the verification process.

image of phone authenticator

Authentication email: Enter a personal email address that is NOT an SRU email address.

image of email authentication

Step 4 | You will receive a verification code at this email address. Enter the code and click "verify".