Graduate Assistantships

For additional questions regarding graduate assistantships, please send an email to

Slippery Rock University offers over 100 graduate assistantships each academic year for eligible graduate students. Graduate assistantships may be awarded for up to two years maximum (four academic semesters fall and spring only). This includes any and all prior graduate assistantship appointments during the student's graduate studies at Slippery Rock University. In addition, students are eligible to complete the maximum of one graduate degree utilizing a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are awarded as follows: one-quarter, half-time, three-quarter time, and full-time positions. Please refer to the chart below under "Work Schedule".

Summer assistantships differ from fall and spring assistantships by work hours and stipend.  Graduate assistantships offered in the summer are very limited and students must apply for these positions separately.  Summer positions do not count as part of the four academic semester restriction, as mentioned above.

SRU does not offer winter graduate assistantship positions.  The winter term is short and campus offices are closed during most of the break.


Students must complete the Graduate Assistantship Employment Application below and submit to the supervisor responsible for overseeing the position. Please submit your resume with the application.

Graduate Assistantship Employment Application (PDF)
Graduate Assistantship Employment Application (DOC)

The full list of graduate assistant positions is updated regularly.