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Campus COVID Cases

Below is a breakdown of Slippery Rock University’s positive COVID-19 tests, by constituency. Numbers are indicative of persons that have been on the SRU campus within 14 days prior to obtaining a positive test result. Those that have tested positive are either isolating in a designated location on campus or at their off-campus residence with medical guidance being provided by Student Health Services and/or their personal health care professional until they recover.

Cases New confirmed cases, Feb. 19-25 Cumulative since Jan. 19
Students 8 50
Faculty and Staff 1 7
Monitoring In Quarantine* In Isolation**
Students 21 16
Faculty and Staff 2 0
Asymptomatic Testing Total Tests Total Positives
General Population 408 1
Athletics 1,539 7
All Students 1,947 8

*-Quarantine: A form of self-isolation after close contact with someone that has COVID or someone who is ill and waiting for COVID test results.

**-Isolation: A form of self-isolation for people with COVID or who is ill and waiting for COVID test results.

Anyone who has come into close contact with the infected persons have been or will be notified and advised on the appropriate health and safety protocols.

The above numbers do not include University members who may have tested positive but have not been on campus in more than 14 days or unconfirmed cases. Persons within that category are instructed not to return to campus until they have been medically cleared. To protect the privacy of all individuals involved, SRU will release no details regarding the identity of any persons.

In cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the University will assist with contact tracing on campus, providing the PA DOH notification of person(s) exposed through an initial contact tracing investigation. Notifications will be made to University members of possible exposures if the person testing positive was on campus while infectious. All contacts deemed at risk of exposure will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

SRU’s COVID Response Team meets daily to review all virus-related information and statistics with more detailed information to be shared on this webpage should it become necessary.

The University reminds everyone of the importance of continuing to practice safe, social distancing, and to wear face coverings at all times when in public. For more information, please refer to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC websites.

For information regarding mitigation and monitoring efforts at SRU, please refer to the University’s fall reopening page.

Revised: 9:36 a.m., Feb. 26, 2021