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Student Resources

Distance learning, aka remote learning, begins March 30 and will continue through the end of the spring semester. Although this isn’t what any of us had planned for this semester, know that you will still receive the same “Rock Solid” instruction that you expect from SRU. You’ll be able to complete your classes, interact with classmates and continue to make progress toward your degree.

FAQs and Offices

Remote Learning Tips

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D2L, Video Conference, Email

Academic Resources FAQs
What if I’m having trouble accessing my coursework due to technology?

If you are having trouble accessing your distance coursework due to technological constraints, please email or contact the Help Desk through phone (724.738.4357) or email. We are committed to doing all that we can to help you access your coursework.

I'm being told my class will be "synchronous." What does that mean?

Synchronous learning is learning that occurs “live” at a specific time via a specific medium. Asynchronous would be the opposite, meaning there are no specific times for learning to occur.

What will happen with my internship, student teaching or clinical experience?

The State System has suspended all clinicals, practicums, internships and student teaching for all State System schools, including SRU.

Undergraduate and graduate students in experiential learning sites, including professional placements, practicums, internships, research internships and clinical rotations should NOT report to on-site placements through the end of the semester.

If an accrediting and/or licensing agency has issued superseding guidance regarding those placements, then that guidance will be followed. In those cases, the student’s faculty supervisor will communicate that to the student. SRU is not aware of such guidance for any of our programs.

In the meantime, internship/clinical/practicum supervisors will provide alternate learning experiences for students in these types of classes.

Help from a professor
How will office hours work if I need to contact a professor?

Students should receive emails from their professors regarding times and communication formats.

How do I meet with my academic adviser during remote delivery?

Contact your academic adviser via phone or email to set a time and communication mode.

What if I am having difficulty communicating with my professors and/or my adviser?

Students should first reach out to the chairperson of the academic department that houses the course or professor. If there is still difficulty, students should reach out to the academic dean of their respective college. Contact information for various department chairpersons and deans is available here.

Success Coaches
How can I contact or meet with my success coach remotely?

Email your success coach or schedule an appointment using the success coaches’ booking links. Meetings are offered via Zoom.

I do not have an assigned success coach, but I would like to talk with one. How can I do this?

Email the Office for Inclusive Excellence at with your question/concern or use the success coaches’ booking links to schedule directly.

What resources can success coaches offer me during this online learning experience?

Success coaches have created a variety of academic success resources, available on this page under “Resources.” These include time management, academic strategies, online class success, etc. Please also refer to this Online Learning Essentials guide for our top ten tips to help you navigate your Spring 2020 semester.

Disability Services
Will the Office of Disability Services continue to provide services to students?

Yes. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) is still operating 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, via an online format. The office will remain available during the summer. Staff members are able to host Zoom meetings and are available via email. Students will receive or use their accommodations in an online format. Any changes will be provided via email. For additional information, contact

Academic Support
What other learning strategies do you have to assist students?

Academic Services has developed the following PDFs to assist students:

I do not have access to high-speed internet or a laptop. What should I do?

Email and provide details about your situation.

Who should I contact if I encounter technology challenges with my courses?

The Help Desk can assist you with issues including username and password, internet browsers, Rockmail, computer viruses and other SRU technology. Email them at The D2L homepage provides guides for students. D2L help is available at

What is Zoom and how do I use it?

Zoom is a video conferencing application that SRU faculty and staff use to meet with students online. Click here for a step-by-step guide to using Zoom.

What is Desire2Learn (D2L) and how do I use it?

D2L is an online education platform to facilitate distance learning. Visit the D2L homepage to access various help documents to better understand using D2L to take your courses or click a link below:

Student Support Services and Health Services
What should I do if I have to self-quarantine or self-isolate?

Students should notify SRU’s Office of Student Affairs at 724.738.2155 or and/or Student Health Services at 724.738.2052 to be assisted with proper academic and other accommodations.

How will student health services be offered?

Student Health Services will continue to provide all regular medical services by telephone for the foreseeable future. SHS will be staffed 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout the summer. If you are running short on prescription medications, need health advice, or are concerned about someone's physical or mental health, please call 724.738.2052.

How will the Student Counseling Center be offering services?

The Student Counseling Center is closed for the summer. However, students can still access resources via the Student Counseling Center page and by utilizing the services and/or counseling resource pages within that section.

What can Student Support do to help me while I am away from campus?

Student Support is working with on- and off-campus providers to share the most up-to-date information. Options may include warmlines, online support groups, group conference calls or downloadable apps. Student Support will work one-on-one to provide situation-specific resources to any student.

I received an email from Student Support regarding a submitted CARE report. Should I still respond even though I am away from campus?

Yes. CARE reports can still be submitted by parents, professors, friends, staff or advisers. This is a challenging time with constant change and we will continue to support you wherever you are.

I am a student who has been approved to stay on campus. Can I meet with Student Support in person?

No. All members of Student Support are working remotely. Meetings can be conducted via phone or Zoom.

I am having trouble adjusting to life back home. Can Student Support help me?

Yes. We can provide you with resources on how to stay healthy both socially and emotionally. Contact Karla Fonner at or submit a CARE report, explaining your concerns.

I am in poor academic standing and I am worried about how the semester changes will impact me. Who can help me in this situation?

The Success Coach team is available to help you understand your options, new policies, grade projections and strategies to be successful this semester. If you know who your Success Coach is, then you can schedule an appointment here. Otherwise, please email the Office for Inclusive Excellence at to get connected to a coach today.

What support is available from the Women's and Pride centers?

One-on-one sessions with the assistant director concerning issues of sexual health; sexuality and identity/coming out issues; social isolation; peer pressure, etc. are available via email at or via Zoom.

I identify as transgender and am looking for support. What resources are available?

An online support group for transgender individuals will be available. Email Lyosha Gorshkov at or for more information.

Library / Bookstore
How will I return my spring 2020 textbooks that I rented from the SGA bookstore?

All textbooks rented from the SGA Bookstore can be mailed to SGA Bookstore, c/o Slippery Rock University, Attn: Textbook Rentals, 111 Smith Student Center, Slippery Rock, PA, 16057, when you are done using them for the semester. The return date for textbook rentals has been extended to June 30. Students can also return rented textbook to the store once it reopens for business.

If I bought my book and did not rent it, will I still be able to sell it back?

Yes, you can. Simply click on this link to sell your previously purchased book back to the bookstore. You can search by ISBN and receive a printable shipping label if you choose to sell your book. You should receive a check within two to three weeks.

Will I still have access to library resources?

Yes. All students will have access to Bailey Library’s online resources via the library’s webpage. Information regarding additional materials and services is available at the library’s LibGuide page.

How do I access the databases to find journal articles?

A list of databases is available here or you can access databases through the LibGuide page.

How can I reach a librarian if I have a question?

Use the online form to contact a librarian on duty or you can live chat/email your personal librarian via the AskALibrarian portal.

Is InterLibrary Loan still in operation?

Beginning March 30, limited ILL services will be available to faculty, staff and students. Services are limited to requests for available electronic articles. Loan requests for physical materials or book chapters remain suspended. Several vendors are opening their collections for use, allowing full access to a variety of journals that are available by clicking here.

Involvement and Engagement
What are some ways that I can be involved in cocurricular activities in this new virtual environment?

Don't let this period of social distancing stop you from connecting to the SRU community and your peers. A dedicated team is working to bring to you programs and activities in a virtual format. A virtual involvement newsletter, programming information and additional student organization resources are available here. Questions or comments can be directed to the Office for Student Engagement and Leadership at

Can I still join or be part of a student organization?

Yes, in fact many student organizations will continue to meet and function virtually. A complete list of student clubs, organizations and virtual events is on CORE.

I belong to a student organization and need support to manage our organization in a virtual environment.

There are several resources available. Online Event Locations on CORE allows student organizations to add meetings, virtual events and more to their page and will add a link to the chosen virtual platform in the event details. Online Elections for next year’s leadership can be held virtually via your organization’s CORE page through the Elections feature. Zoom video conferencing software is a great tool for virtual meetings and events. For additional support, contact the Office for Student Engagement and Leadership at

Career Education and Development
How do I schedule an appointment with Career Education?

Students can visit and click "Career Center" or click on "School" from the Handshake app. Both options allow users to choose "Appointments" followed by "Schedule an appointment."

How do I change or cancel a career appointment?

Changes can be made to any scheduled appointment up to 24 hours in advance by using the scheduling system in Handshake. Please avoid being a "no show."

Can I call the office or email a specific career coach for an appointment?

No, as our office phones are not currently staffed. Please avoid emailing your career coach unless you have a non-appointment related question.

Do I have to use video conferencing during my appointment?

No. Video on the student end of the appointment is optional except for mock interviews. To protect students' privacy, career coaches will always ask for permission before activating video on the student side of the appointment. If video is enabled, students should make sure that their background is clear of any personal items.

Student Employment and Student Hiring
Where can I find campus employment opportunities for fall 2020?

Campus employment opportunities can be found on Handshake, SRU’s Student Employment Platform. Log in using your SRU credentials, click on “Jobs” then select “On-Campus.”

I am a new student employee; how do I submit my paperwork?

Contact your supervisor for a New Hire Form, then visit the Student Employment And Volunteers page and complete the New Student Employee Payroll Packet. Completion instructions are found on the first page of the packet.

Once you have completed these two steps, email your paperwork and required ID’s – listed on the I-9 – to

My department does not have remote work for me, am I able to apply for unemployment?

Students who do not have work, may make the personal decision to file for unemployment. All wages earned while working for the University are exempt from unemployment tax. Student employee positions are temporary, part-time work available only while a registered student at the University.

Administrative Procedures FAQ
What is the CARES Act?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, provides Slippery Rock University the ability to award emergency funding to students to cover expenses due to the break in instruction you have experienced, as well as the shift to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related safety measures.

Am I eligible to apply for the CARES Act funding?

All students, with the exception of international students and students enrolled in an online program prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, were eligible to apply if they were experiencing an emergency due to the pandemic. Applications were collected through 4:30 p.m., May 18 and are being evaluated as to the level of need present with each student who applied. Disbursement of funds will commence immediately after those evaluations. At this time, we have closed the application for the CARES Act Emergency Aid. After the above disbursements have concluded, the limited funding that remains will be distributed in the fall semester to assist with costs associated with transitioning to the fall semester.

What can I use my CARES Act funds for?

This money can be applied for any expenses related to your education, including any outstanding bill you may have, food, housing, course materials, technology needs, health care or child care.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about CARES Act funding?

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 724.738.2044 or

Registration and Withdrawals
When does registration begin?

Registration for the summer and fall 2020 terms began April 13. All registration will be completed on MySRU. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register in MySRU. For advising and course registration assistance, first attempt to contact your academic adviser. For additional assistance, call Academic Services at 724.738.2012.

How do I use MyRockAudit?

MyRockAudit is found in the MySRU portal under the Registration or Academics tab. Students should review these two video guides by clicking here and here. Students should also view this helpful video for a tutorial on how to look ahead and run “what if” scenarios on MyRockAudit.

Will I need a Registration-PIN (RPIN) to register for fall 2020 classes?

No, students will not need an RPIN to register for fall classes; however, we encourage you to meet virtually with your adviser who will provide you with accurate information and recommend the appropriate classes available to fulfill your degree requirements. Contact your adviser after reviewing your Rock Audit and the master schedule of courses for summer/fall 2020 to set up a meeting prior to the date you are scheduled to register.

When do I register?

Registration for summer/fall 2020 began April 13. Students will see their time ticket posted on MySRU under the registration tab, step 1. Students should refer to the April 1 email for more information. Questions about registration can be sent to

How do I obtain a course override to register for a class?

If you would like to register for a course in which you need a permit or override, you must contact the instructor to see if they will allow you to register for this course with a permit/override. If the instructor issues you a permit/override for the course, you must then access your course registration and register yourself for the course.

I’m confused about Rock Studies and Liberal Studies. Where can I get clarification?

Liberal Studies is for students who entered the University at or before the spring 2019 semester or transferred into the institution through summer 2021. Learn more here. Rock Studies is for first-time freshmen who entered the University at or after the summer or fall 2019 semesters. Learn more here.

What if I need an enrollment verification or transcript?

All enrollment/attendance verification information is available on this page.

All transcript related information is available on this page.

What if I want to be readmitted to the University?

Please visit the readmissions page, fill out the Request for Readmissions form and email it to

How do I withdraw from the University?

Once the decision has been made to withdraw from the University, the student must complete a video conference exit interview with a student success coach using Zoom. During the exit interview, a success coach will complete an electronic withdrawal form to begin the withdrawal process. Students can schedule an exit interview by emailing the Office for Inclusive Excellence at or by using success coaches’ booking links by clicking here.

Title IX (Sexual Misconduct)
How can I report matters of concern?

Individuals are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct as soon as possible in order for the University to respond promptly and effectively. Reports can be made to Holly McCoy, Title IX coordinator, at 724.738.2650 or Reports can also be filed electronically and/or anonymously by clicking here. Individuals have the right to be assisted by the University in notifying law enforcement authorities. The Title IX and Student Support offices are also available to discuss additional resources or in identifying those in a student’s local area. If you are in immediate danger, contact your local police department or dial 911.

What will happen with Title IX matters currently under investigation during the COVID-19 outbreak?

The University remains committed to the prompt resolution of complaints. Title IX investigators will continue to investigate current matters; however, interviews will be conducted via telephone and other available technologies. No face-to-face interviews will take place. Investigation timelines may be delayed during the pandemic but students will be provided written notice of such. Remember to regularly check your SRU email.

What will happen with Title IX hearings that are currently scheduled?

Hearings will be conducted using available technologies, such as video conferencing. The University will coordinate with students to schedule hearings and provide instructions on how to use available technology. Decisions regarding the scheduling of hearings will consider the availability of participants; ability to conduct online hearings; ability to ensure due process for all parties; and ability to provide sufficient privacy protections. If the involved party is not in the same location as his or her adviser, breaks will be scheduled to allow consultations.

What resources are available for students?

The University will continue to offer appropriate supportive and interim measures via the Title IX and Student Support offices. For information on available resources, contact McCoy at 724.738.2650 and or Karla Fonner, director of student support, at 724.738.2953 or Any existing no-contact orders remain in effect and continue to apply to in-person, online, text message or other forms of communication.

International Students
How will taking online classes affect my immigration status?

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program released a statement granting permission for international students to take a fully online course of study for this semester only if the university’s mode of instruction was changed.

Can I return home and take online classes from abroad while still maintaining my immigration status?

Yes. SEVP has issued a statement that international students can return home and still maintain their active immigration status should classes be in an online format. However, please contact SRU’s Office for Global Engagement at 724.738.2057 if should you decide to return home.

Do I need to inform the Office for Global Engagement of any changes to my address?

Yes. Contact the Office for Global Engagement with any changes to your address within 10 business days of the change by calling 724.738.2057.

Has the application deadline been extended for prospective international students?

Yes. The application deadline has been extended to June 1 for undergraduate international applicants. Click here for more details.

Housing and Dining
What should I do if I was unable to return to campus to retrieve items?

If you were unable to retrieve personal belongings before the end of the semester, please contact Mimi Campbell to arrange a date and time to collect your items. Residence Halls and rooms are not accessible without prior contact.

How will I receive a refund for housing/dining services/student fees?

All refunds due to students will occur on or around April 6 through a mailed check or, to expedite the process, a direct deposit into your bank account of your choice. To request direct deposit, complete the direct deposit form and email it to Click here to view a video for more information.

How do I apply for on-campus housing for next semester?

Current students may review their on-campus housing assignment for the 2020-21 academic year by logging into their MyHousing Portal. Current students who missed the application deadline for on-campus housing may log into their MyHousing Portal and complete the Placement Form (2020-21) found under the Application tab.

Finance and Refunds
How can I make payments if the Student Accounts Office is closed?

Payments can be made electronically through MySRU using our payment system, TouchNet. Payments can be in the form of an ACH/electronic check linked to a checking or savings account. ACH payments are free. Payments can also be made via credit card with a 2.85% fee.

What do I do if I did not receive a 1098T for 2019?

Students can access all 1098T forms through Student Accounts. Please note that tuition for spring 2019 was initially billed in December 2018. Students registered prior to January 2019 for spring courses will have qualified tuition and related expenses reflected on their 2018 1098T.

Am I eligible for a refund of tuition for the semester?

No, because instruction is continuing and students still have the ability to amass credits toward their degree programs.

What if I am signed up for the payment plan and I want to stop making payments?

Individuals should honor the payment plan by continuing to make payments for the semester since instruction is ongoing. Students whose families are facing financial hardships should contact Student Accounts at 724.738.2088 or to discuss their unique situation.

Will there be any change to veteran’s benefits?

There will be no changes to tuition and fees paid for the student veteran and no changes to the student veteran’s housing allowance. If you have questions about your specific circumstance, contact the Education Call Center at 1.888.442.4551, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

On-Campus Activities
How are athletic events being affected?

There will be no athletic or student activities on campus, or sponsored off-campus by the University, until further notice.

What is the status of campus events?

All campus events, on-campus or off-campus, are canceled until further notice.

Events staged virtually are permitted.

Question about COVID-19?

Fill out the following form if you seek additional information about how SRU is responding to COVID-19.