Cyber Security Fair

The Cyber Security students of Slippery Rock University invite you to attend an informational fair on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 in the Smith Student Center Ballroom to educate students, faculty, staff and the community on the importance on online safety.

The event will feature various lectures, training sessions, informational and vendor booths covering such topics as email security, social media, smart phones, Internet privacy and passwords. Other instructional components will include how to secure personal Wi-Fi and PCs as well as how to backup, encrypt and safely delete data.

Sponsors: The Cyber Security Fair is sponsored by School of Business, Rock Productions, Armstrong, PNC Bank, Better Business Bureau, and SRU's Electronic Technology Center.

Topical booths at the fair will include:

  • Gone Phishing: How to recognize phishing emails and what to do when they receive one;
  • Don't Forget to Wipe: How to securely delete all data, a process called "wiping," before disposing a computer;
  • Smart Phones, Stupid People: How to secure smart phones so as not to unintentionally pass along personal data - for iPhones and Android;
  • Social Media: Learn the perils of using social media and how to protect personal information on social networking sites;
  • P@ssword: Viruses, malware and how to protect against them;
  • Safe Browsing: How to surf the web safely
  • Do You Use Protection?: How and why to encrypt your data
  • Using Public PCs and Wi-Fi Hotspots: How to keep personal information safe when using a publically available PC and/or Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Securing Your Home Wifi: How to ensure no one is using your Wifi router
  • Viruses and Malware: Keep ransomware out

The Cyber Security Fair flyer is available here.