Women's Center

Mission and Vision

The central mission of the Women's Center is to create and sustain an environment in which women and men can live, learn, and work together in equality, understanding, and mutual respect.

The percentage of students who are women has been steadily increasing since the 1970s. Today, women are the statistical majority, yet the social climate is slow in adjusting to this change. As such, the Women's Center is dedicated to providing the Slippery Rock University community with a forum to discuss contemporary social topics through empowering educational programming and outreach awareness campaigns. The Women's Center also serves to foster an environment free from gender bias and enhance the lives of women at Slippery Rock University. 

Women's Center Goals

  • Advocate for and support the holistic development, empowerment, and achievement of female students
  • Encourage the development of academic, leadership, and gender identity competencies among members of the Slippery Rock University community
  • Collaborate with campus and community constituents to promote inclusivity and respect with regard to pluralism, gender, and sexual orientation

What We Do

  • Educate - Through educational programs and events, we encourage discussion and dialogue about sexism, feminism, gender violence, and women's contributions to society. Our programs are philosophically based on the intersection of gender, ability, race, sexual orientation, and economic status.
  • Advocate - We create opportunities for women's voices to be heard, actively support an environment of mutual respect and equality through policy and procedure development, and provide services for survivors of violence. 
  • Empower - We foster leadership opportunities for women through on- and off-campus workshops and personal development programs such as the Undergraduate Leadership Institute and the Start Smart salary negotiation workshop.

In April 1978, Dr. Ellen Perrin, the Dean of Student Service, submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs a proposal for a women's resource center on campus. The purpose of a center for women was to provide coordination for activities for women, serve as a meeting place and a support service area, and offer programs pertinent to women's needs and concerns.

In October 1981, permission to use a room in one of the gymnasiums was granted to establish a women's resource center. A request was made in March 1982 to install a telephone line; in May 1982, another request was made for a desk, chair, and bookcases.

The Women's Center officially opened its doors in the fall semester of 1991. It was located in the basement of Strain Behavioral Science Building until August 2012, when the Women's Center got a new home in the Robert M. Smith Student Center.