The Classroom Experience

Your classroom experience will likely be different from what you were expecting. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many classes will be taught online. Classes that meet in person will be limited in size to maintain social distancing. Here, you will find information about the three different types of classes you might have on your schedule: online, COVID-online and multimodal.

Fully Online Classes

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of SRU classes were offered in person with class sizes ranging from small seminars to larger lecture-style sessions. As a result of the need to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus, many SRU classes will be offered in a fully online format for fall 2020. You may see online classes identified in two different ways:

  • Online classes: Courses that are referred to simply as “online” are courses that have been taught virtually in the past. They were designed to be taken as online courses and are often part of one of our fully online programs. These courses will not have a scheduled meeting time because they are not taught by the professor at a specific time. Rather, students are able to complete the course assignments according to their own schedule when they have time to access the course. Often, these classes are referred to as “asynchronous.”
  • COVID-online classes: COVID-online courses are courses that are normally taught in person but have been redesigned to be offered online for the fall semester. They will have a specific meeting time associated with them although they may not meet at that specific time. It is up to the instructor to decide whether the assigned meeting time will be used for students to participate in the class simultaneously – for example, using Zoom and streaming a live lecture – or whether the class will allow students to complete the work when they are able.

Multimodal Classes

Multimodal classes offer a combination of in-person and online instruction. Like COVID-online classes, multimodal classes will have a scheduled meeting time. Students will meet in person with the professor in small groups – for example, once per week – for part of the class. The rest of the class will be taught online. Multimodal classes can take many forms through the use of recorded lectures, online discussion groups, etc., in addition to in-person meetings. The important point is that multimodal classes will allow for some in-person instruction between the professors and students. It will be used primarily for subjects that require some direct contact for effective learning. Students also have the option to take multimodal classes fully online.