The mission of the Contracting Department is to provide for the purchase of goods, services, supplies and construction with the objective that they will be available at the proper time, location, quality and price consistent with the needs of the University. All procurement of goods, services, supplies, and construction for the University will conform to the policies, procedures, and statutory limitations published in the Commonwealth Procurement Code and The Board of Governors Policy 1998-04 Procurement of Goods, Services, Supplies and Construction.
The Contracting Department will actively search, pursue and develop responsible vendors with whom to do business. However, to maintain impartiality and to follow good procurement practices, business will be solicited from vendors within the Commonwealth as well as the entire United States. In addition, the Contracting Department will actively pursue and develop minority vendors with whom to do business.

Contracting Authority

The president or his designees will serve as contracting officers for the university and, as such, are the only individuals authorized to procure goods and services, enter into and administer contracts and make written determinations with respect to contracts. Those individuals who make unauthorized purchasing or contractual obligations will be held personally liable for their actions.