Transformational Experiences

The departments within Transformational Experiences work together to develop programs and activities that complement the academic experiences of SRU students in order to achieve the president's vision of educating each student as a "whole person."

Transformational Experiences includes the following departments:

Our Vision: The vision of Transformational Experiences is that our students, faculty, and staff will have life-changing personal, professional, and intellectual experiences through participation in programs and activities.

Our Mission: The mission of Transformational Experiences is to provide innovative, creative and integrated programs leading to personal, professional, and academic growth and success. These programs encompass and connect leadership development, career education, community service, pursuit of scholarships and fellowships, international experiences, research and creative activities, honors education, information access and literacy, and a variety of impactful student activities. While our primary constituency is students, our mission extends to faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community.

Our Values: We value respect for individuals and cultures, personal responsibility, and curiosity about our selves and our world.