The chemistry department at SRU provides service to a wide variety of students on campus by offering courses for both science and non-science majors alike. Our chemistry majors take a core curriculum designed to strengthen their fundamental understanding in the areas of organic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry. Science majors in related disciplines gain an understanding of topics relevant to their chosen field of study, while non-science majors may choose to take our Introduction to Chemistry course. All of our courses are designed to promote the scientific method as well as build an understanding of basic chemical principles. Our major level courses place additional focus on students learning to become independent problem solvers.

The primary mission of our department is to prepare our students for life after graduation. The options available within chemistry and chemistry-related fields are quite varied, and some require additional coursework in given areas. Therefore, our department provides students with the option of choosing from several concentrations. This allows our students to focus their curriculum, and prepares them to enter the job market directly or to continue their education in a graduate or professional program.

Housed in the recently constructed Advanced Technology and Science Hall (ATSH) our lecture and laboratory courses are taught in modern facilities. The classrooms are all outfitted with technology podiums and white boards, providing the instructor with various methods of relaying information to the students during lecture. The laboratories were designed with teaching in mind giving the students hands on experience with the current techniques and practices used to explore the chemical world.

Students in our department are provided a number of opportunities to get involved outside the traditional classroom setting. A number of our faculty are involved in research projects where undergraduates are given the chance to examine several current areas of interest. Students may also choose to join the Chemistry Club, an organization aimed at improving academic and social growth within the department. If you have an interest in science and a desire to learn, the SRU Chemistry Department is the place for you.