Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club

Slippery Rock University's Chemistry Club is a group designed for those students who show an interest in studying chemistry. This club is designed to expand the students' social and academic growth outside the classroom as undergraduates who share a similar interest in their studies. The club is led by a group of student officers as well as faculty sponsors. Throughout the school year, the club will meet every other week to discuss upcoming events. Events include fundraisers for the club itself as well as fundraisers for an outside cause, especially around holidays. The biggest known event for the Chemistry Club is the annual Chem Games that occurs every spring where High School students come to SRU for the day to get an experience with Chemistry. The club will also take fun trips throughout the semester to get away together and have a great time. If you're a student that is interested in the sciences and would like to meet other students like you, Chemistry Club would be a great club to join.

Fall 2017 Chem Club Schedule

All scheduled events begin at 12:30 PM unless otherwise noted. Chem Club meetings are held in ATS 153 unless otherwise noted.

  • August 31st: Chem Club Pizza Party (Snyder Lobby outside ATS 142)
  • September 5th: Clubs and Organization Fair (Quad)
  • September 7th: Chem Club Meeting, Welcome Back
  • September 21st: Chem Club Meeting, National Chemistry Week and T-Shirts
  • October 5th: Chem Club Meeting, ACS Book Sale
  • October 19th: Chem Club Meeting, National Chemistry Week Preparation
  • October 28th: National Chemistry Week (Carnegie Science Center)
  • October 31st: Chem Club Meeting, Halloween Party
  • November 16th: Chem Club Meeting
  • November 30th: Chem Club Meeting, Holiday Party

2017-2018 Chem Club Officers

  • President: Jacquelyn Stubenraugh (email)
  • Vice President: Taylor Ellis (email)
  • Secretary: Megan Stout (email)
  • Treasurer: Elijah Frazier (email)