We host campus-wide programming throughout the academic year, and we've had over 45 departments, organizations and student groups collaborate with us as co-sponsors, from the School of Business to the University Programming Board to English to ROTC to History to Psychology, among others.

Our programming focuses on a wide range of topics and situates gender as intersectional (informed by other identity markers like age, race, sexual identity, ethnicity, class and religion).  Past programming has addressed the role of women in the military, the pervasiveness and problems of porn culture, heterosexism and its damages, the NFL's potential role in fostering a climate of diversity and acceptance, cultural perceptions about the links between masculinity and athleticism, and women and Islam.  Future programming will address African-American masculinities, the role of art in shaping global perceptions of women in the U.S., and acquaintance rape on college campuses.    Vibrant and relevant, the programs consider an array of pressing issues and address diverse interests and concerns.

We also host advocacy workshops, where members of our campus community learn about an issue that affects most of us and especially students.  Past advocacy workshops have focused on the limits of crisis pregnancy centers and the need to provide students with accurate information on reproductive options; the importance of bystander advocacy in diminishing sexual assault and harassment, homophobia, racism, and disability-based discrimination; the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in our U.S. military (since accomplished); and bills in PA that attempt to limit access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.  Our goal with these workshops is to first provide information about an issue and then offer options for action.  They are designed to encourage activism and remind us of the power we have to affect change in our communities. 

upcoming Fall 2018 Programming

Be on the lookout for upcoming events and programs through the Gender Studies Program!