Auditions and Interviews

The Department of Theatre at Slippery Rock University requires students interested in majoring in theatre with an Acting emphasis to audition, and students interesting in Theatre with a Design and Technology emphasis or an Arts Administration emphasis to interview with the theatre faculty. Auditions and interviews are held once a semester. High school students should contact the Department early in their senior year to schedule their interview or audition.

  • If you are auditioning for the Acting emphasis, you will need to present two contrasting monologues (one contemporary and one classical), that total no more than five minutes combined.
  • If you are interviewing for the Design and Technology emphasis, you will need to bring a portfolio of your work to the interview. For more information on what to include in the portfolio, please contact the Department.
  • If you are interviewing for the Arts Administration emphasis, you will need to submit a Personal Statement to the department one week prior to your interview via mail or email. This Personal Statement must answer all of the following:
    • Describe an experience that contributed to your decision to pursue a degree in arts administration. Include a description of your strengths and areas for growth.
    • Describe an arts issue that is important to you and what you as an arts administration professional would do to make a difference.
    • What are your future aspirations in professional arts administration?

To schedule an audition or interview, please contact one of the Theatre Department faculty members. 

Production Auditions & Assignments

The SRU Theatre Department holds open auditions for all students on the SRU campus! Acting emphasis majors must present a prepared monologue, while all other students may audition with materials provided. The rehearsal process generally runs 5-6 weeks, with a varied schedule of evening and weekend rehearsals prior to technical rehearsals and the run of the show.

Students interested in design, stage management, and arts administration production assignments must submit their names during the annual call for assignments during the spring semester. Students interested in working in the shops or production run and costume crews should contact Department Chair, Rebecca Morrice.