Criminology and Security Studies

Welcome to the Criminology and Security Studies Department.

We offer three distinct academic programs at the undergraduate level through our department: the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, the Bachelor of Science in Corporate Security; and, the Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security. Each of our degree programs provides a foundation of knowledge for students interested in a variety of careers both in and out of the formal justice system, as well as for those students interested in continuing their educational journey at the graduate school level.

In these regards, we also offer a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Our MA in Criminal Justice program provides an opportunity for working professionals in the criminal justice field to attain a graduate degree for career enhancement, as well as for traditional graduate learners who value the accessibility of an online program. Our MA program is entirely online and comprises a 30 credit degree offering with the option of a thesis or internship track.

Our mission is to enrich the criminal justice and security professions of Pennsylvania and the nation with ethically and critically informed graduates. This mission parallels our vision of being recognized as a premier criminal justice and security focused program in the region for providing a rigorous, accessible, and high quality educational experience to learners in Pennsylvania and beyond.