Student Success Coaches


Success Coaches focus on students' holistic development and enhance campus connections. Through Success Coaching, We empower students to establish values and goals, create action plans for success, persevere through challenges, and develop as deep learners.


Success Coaching sessions provide a proactive and interactive space for students to navigate their SRU experience and become connected to campus resources. Success Coaches provide accountability and create environments that enhance intrinsic motivation, cultivate selfefficacy, and invite self-reflection. 

What are the Guiding Principles of Success Coaching?

  • Success Coaching is highly collaborative and relies on the model of a convoy of social support (Schlossberg, 2012) and resources for academic development
  • Success Coaching is a proactive approach to assist students in their holistic development. Success Coaching is for all students! Any students at SRU are invited to see a Success Coach
  • Sessions are conversational and co-constructive, embracing personal narrative and inviting students to share their story and experiences
  • Success Coaching is for all students! Any students at SRU are invited to see a Success Coach


  • Identify personal, social, and academic obstacles or areas of growth
  • Determine useful campus resources and social support
  • Co-construct an action plan for student success
  • Provide accountability and follow up

When to Refer Students to a Success Coach?

  • Does a student need support but you're not familiar with details of their situation?
  • Is a student facing academic challenges and unsure why?
  • Is a student struggling with connecting to the university? 
  • Is there a need for broad areas of academic and social development?
  • If you know a student's specific need, refer them to the office specializing in that area. If a student needs overall guidance, refer them to a coach, who will help them create an action plan, determine campus resources, and provide accountability


Schedule a session with a Success Coach on the website by clicking one of the names below.

Earl Coburn

Julie Ferringer

Emily McClaine

Sunshine Mushrush