Academic Affiliation Agreements

An affiliation agreement is between the University and another entity for purposes of providing an educational opportunity for students generally in a supervisory situation such as clinical experience, an internship program, or a student teaching assignment. Such agreements can be with federal agencies (i.e. prisons or Veterans Administration Hospitals), other state entities, school districts or private companies/businesses. The purpose of such agreements is to memorialize each party's rights and repsonsibilities in regard to this educational opportunity.

The State System has created a series of templates for affiliation agreements. If the templates are used without any alterations, legal review is NOT necessary. If additions or revisions are made to a template, or a site prefers to use their own agreement, University Legal Counsel must review and approve the document. University Legal Counsel must also review and approve any amendments or addendums.

Items that need University Legal Counsel review and approval should be emailed to