The Office for the Associate Provost for Student Success is committed to the success of all students at SRU.  Our work focuses on advocating for students so that they can achieve their goals in college and beyond.

Dr. David Wilmes, Associate Provost for Student Success
Dr. Wilmes provides leadership and strategic direction for Student Success through management, strategic planning, and assessment of the subdivision.  Reporting to the Provost, he advocates for institutional and policy changes that enhance student retention and persistence at SRU.

Karla Fonner, Director of Student Support
Ms. Fonner assists students who are experiencing temporary or long-term difficulties affecting their college performance.  She is available to meet with students one-on-one and connect them to local and campus resources which can assist the student with overcoming the difficulties they are facing.

Claudia Fischer, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Fischer provides assistance to the departments that comprise Student Success in regard to budgetary expenditures, travel requests and human resources.  She also provides administrative support for the Associate Provost and Director of Student Support.