Services and Support

The Office for Students with Disabilities offers the following services and support:

Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic

Through the Office for Students with Disabilities, qualified students are able to order digital formats of books. The digital formats are put on the student's flash drive and can then be used in conjunction with Kurzweil.

Students must provide the following information to order books. Please bring the textbook with you when you come to order books in case we need additional information.

  • Title of book

  • Author

  • Copyright

  • Publisher

  • Edition

  • ISBN Number

Equipment Support

The Special Services Equipment Rooms are located in 128 Bailey Library and 105 University Union. You can access the on-line catalog, Searchbank, and other electronic databases with enlarged screen or voice output with the equipment available.

The following equipment is available for students with visual, hearing and learning impairments:

128 Bailey Library

  • Two Dell Optiplex Computers

  • 24" Monitors

  • HP Laser Printer

  • Zoom Text

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

  • Epson Perfection Scanners (2)

  • Maple

  • Kurzweil Reading Program

  • SPSS

  • Minitab

  • Internet Explorer

  • Acrobat Master Collection

  • Tera Term Pro

  • Microsoft Office

105 University Union

  • Apple iPads (2)

  • Dell Computers equiped with Kurzweil Reading Program and Zoom Text (14)

  • Canon Image FORMULA Scaners (2)

  • Dell Color Laser Printers

  • Epson Perfection Scanners (2)

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (3)

  • Sony IC Recorders

  • Recorders (49)

  • Livescribe Smart Pens (35)

  • ONYX Freedom Swing Arm PC Edition (2)

A special ID is required to use these facilities. Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities - 105 University Union to receive an ID and set up a training session.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that enables you to interact with your PC by voice. Say words and they appear on your computer screen, three times faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy.

Dragon Naturally Speaking assists students in modifying documents, spreadsheets, presentations and manages e-mail. Dragon Naturally Speaking is available in Baily Library Room 128 and The Office for Students with Disabilities located in 105 University Union. Training can be scheduled by making an appointment with the Graduate Assistant.

Kurzweil 3000 Reading Program

Slippery Rock University has an institutional membership with Kurzweil. Through Kurzweil, students are given the ability to upload PDF text files which can then be read aloud. Kurzweil not only allows for text reading but also may assist students in preparing written documents, taking tests and quizzes, and enhancing study skills.

Students can order digital copies of their text books to use with Kurzweil through the Office for Students with Disabilities. To order the digital books, students must provide the following:

  • Title of the book

  • Author

  • Publisher

  • Edition

  • ISBN Number

  • Receipt/Proof of Purchase

Livescribe Smart Pen

The Smart Pen is an advanced paper-based computer in the form of a pen that records lectures as you write notes on a special note pad. It synchronizes the audio you hear to what you write, so you never miss a word, allowing you to re-listen to lectures at a later time.

The special note pad is filled with microdots. The dot pattern identifies the specific page and locations on the page of the notes you write; similar to a geographical positioning system (GPS). Therefore, anything you write-words, numbers or drawings can be stored, recognized, and intelligently responded to the smart pen. The smart pen is a great way to keep students on track in the note-taking process.

Students can check out and receive training anytime during the semester by making an appointment with a Graduate Assistant or Student Worker.

ONYX Freedom Scientific Swing-arm Edition

ONYX Swing-arm Edition is a compact lightweight vision tool that lets you work with a magnified PC screen and view magnified camera images at the same time. It is ideal for students who have visual impairments and have a difficult time seeing the blackboard or presentation. The ONYX camera moves quickly and easily back and forth between three distinct views: distance, document, and mirror-images.

The many features of the ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition include:

  • Find Feature

  • Focus Lock

  • Freeze Frame

  • RF remote control

  • Detachable camera

  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply

Students can check out and receive training anytime during the semester by making an appointment with a Graduate Assistant.