Engineer looking at wind turbines

Sustainability Meets Engineering

Earn your degree for a rewarding, stable, and lucurative career

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Offered by: Physics and Engineering

This four-year degree prepares you to:

  • Optimize complex processes or systems in a variety of settings.
  • Learn how to eliminate waste in processes such as materials, man-hours, and machine time.
  • Have a meaningful impact on the environment through your efforts to promote sustainable processes.

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor statistics predicts high growth in industrial and systems engineering between 2010 and 2040. A large number of existing engineers in the field are now over 55 years of age, further driving demand.

In addition, Forbes magazine rates BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) as one of the most in-demand engineering jobs with a median annual salary of $85,720.

Why Choose Industrial and Systems Engineering?

You should choose this major if you're intrested in a rewarding and high-paying career. After successful completion of this BS degree, you will be a highly-skilled graduate and will enjoy life-long professional development in a high demand field. 

What Will You Learn?

The curriculum provides you with a hands-on, in-depth learning experience covering the major fields of study in Industrial and Systems Engineeering, including business process improvement and optimization using current methodologies such as Six Sigma and sustainability.

This is a four-year, full-time degree. All courses are taught at SRU's main campus.

Careers In Industrial and Systems Engineering

Graduates will be able to select from a very broad range of employment opportunities. Manufacturers, amusement parks, transportation companies, government agencies and many others rely on industrial and systems engineers to improve their processes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates more than 236,000 ISE jobs will be available in the United States by 2024.