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Design a Better Way

Make a difference in the industry as a mechanical engineer

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Design and Manufacture the Future

Make a difference in the industry as a mechanical engineer

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Revolutionalize the Industry

Make a difference in the industry as a mechanical engineer.

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Mechanical Engineering

Offered by: Physics and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (BS) at SRU provides students with the knowledge and skills in the design, testing, and manufacturing of various devices, tools, engines, machines, electromechanical units, and systems. They are also trained in problem-solving skills, math skills, creative design, leadership skills, and communication skills (both verbal and written). A capstone design course in the senior year will integrate all aspects of learning in team-based design projects. The program meets ABET accreditation criteria.

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering?

if you want to make a difference, please come and join us, because mechanical engineering profession centers on creating devices/technologies/solutions to various problems in energy, transportation, health care, space exploration, climate change, and more! The fingerprints of mechanical engineers are virtually on every product/device/service we rely on every day. Mechanical engineers are very versatile and can work in many industries with an abundance of job opportunities. US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the jobs for civil engineers will increase by 9% in the next 10 years, indicating strong existing and continued demands for mechanical engineering students. The 2017 median salary for mechanical engineers is $85,880 and median entry-level salary is $64,685.

What Will You Learn?

Mechanical Engineering program at SRU has three focused areas of mechanical engineering, specifically mechanical design, manufacturing, and mechatronics. The curriculum provides students with sound fundamental knowledge in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and thermal sciences. The program also provides student with high-quality training through project-based learning, hands-on learning, experiments, design projects, and internships. The balanced approach between theory and hands-on practice will prepare students to succeed as practical engineers in the dynamic workforce market.

Careers In Mechanical Engineering

The demand for mechanical engineers in Western PA is strong due to the large industrial base and the growing number of high-tech companies in the Pittsburgh area. Mechanical engineers are typically employed in private sectors including manufacturing, automotive industry, power and energy industry, HVAC, medical and electronic sectors, and design and consulting firms. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields. Mechanical engineers design and oversee the manufacture of many products ranging from mega machines to tiny medical devices.

Earn your Mechanical Engineering degree at Slippery Rock!

Slippery Rock University's Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering program prepares students for successful careers in a growing field. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!