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Hit the Ground Running

Political science graduates are prepared for careers in government, law, education, and journalism.

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Policy and Practice

From health care and education to taxes and water quality, you'll learn how political science impacts nearly every aspect of our lives.

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Pillars of Success

SRU's political science curriculum builds your analytical thinking and leadership skills.

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Political Science

Offered by: Political Science

Political Science is a broad field, encompassing everything from local elections and public opinion, to international relations and theories and analysis of political behavior and policy making.  All of these components comprise SRU's Political Science, program which examines how politics affects nearly every aspect of life on earth. From access to health care to the quality of the water we drink, to how we calculate the taxes we pay to the way laws are made and enforced, you will gain a deep understanding of all aspects of Political Science when you study at SRU.

At SRU, we offer both a major and a minor in Political Science.

Why Choose Political Science

There is no facet of life that isn't influenced by politics. Your coursework at SRU will prepare you to take part in the political process an engaged citizen or through a career in politics.  Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, it's exciting and vital to learn the workings of the political system.

What Will You Learn?

As a major in Political Science at SRU, you'll develop a broad understanding of politics, and then specialize in sub-fields such as comparative politics, international relations and public policy & law. The analytical, writing, interactive, leadership, and practical skills that you will gain from these courses lay a firm foundation for any career that you pursue.

You will have ample opportunity at SRU to put the knowledge you gain in the classroom into practice.  A number of student organizations exist to enhance your experience, including Law Society, FMLA, Amnesty International, Model UN, Model NATO, College Democrats, Young Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, and the National Political Science Honorary organization, Pi Sigma Alpha. Collaborating with faculty on undergraduate research projects and participating in internships will give you the experience and connections you need to launch your career.

Careers In Political Science

The Political Science program at SRU will prepare you for a variety of career paths.  You can work in areas from government and law to education to journalism. Whether you work in a political or government agency, go on to graduate school to pursue specialized training, or find yourself in a field only peripherally related to Political Science, you will find that your firm foundation in critical thinking and leadership will give you an advantage over others in your field.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Law Society
  • Model UN / NATO Club
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honorary Society)