Online programs at SRU

Our students are competitive in the workforce

Students taking online courses at SRU experience high-quality instruction and learning.

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Online programs at SRU

Gain a competitive advantage

Students in SRU’s online programs possess a competitive advantage in the job market.

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Online programs at SRU

Advance your career

Onine programs allow students to pursue graduate work at their convenience.

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Online Learning

At Slippery Rock University, we understand your incredibly busy lifestyle.  We also understand your need to further your education to help you be competitive in the job market and to experience all that you desire for success.

Built on a foundation of 125 years of providing quality educational experiences in nationally accredited academic programs, SRU offers affordable online programs to help adult learners who are looking to complete a degree for the first time, add a graduate or doctoral degree to their credentials, or enhance knowledge through a certificate program.

As an online learner at SRU, you are offered the same  tools for building your success, as our on-campus students;  quality  instruction by experienced professors, assistance with advising, registration, academic and student support services, technical guidance, and career education.

We provide the foundation and the tools, but you must provide the hard work and commitment.

Are you a good candidate for online learning? 

Only you can make that decision.

Online learning is very different from the traditional classroom style, in manner of instruction, interaction, and testing of your knowledge.

Online learning provides great flexibility for busy people, but it also requires self-discipline, the ability to work independently, and strong abilities in written communication.