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Accepted Students

Accepted Student Day (and FACULTY INFORMATION Sessions)

SRU's First Year Admissions office offers two Saturday visit options in the spring for students who have been offered admission to the University.  They are held on a Saturday with one occuring in February and one in March.  This year, we offered presentations regarding housing/residence life and financial aid, career education and development and academic support services.  In addition, a student and parent panel gave guests the opportunity to learn from staff about what makes SRU so special.  A walking tour of campus was part of the program as well as a complimentary lunch in one of the dining halls.

We also offered faculty information sessions the evening prior to each of these events.  Students and parents had the opportunity to meet with faculty and current SRU students within the major they are interested in pursuing.

Here are some of the things people said after being a part of the faculty info. session:

  • "The professor thoroughly explained requirements and involvement within my major.  The student helper was there to answer questions about classes.  Very well done."
  • The presentation, faculty and students, really opened my eyes about how passionate they were about the program."
  • "The staff was incredibly informative and the students provided fantastic and realistic expectations."

Here are some things people said about Accepted Student Day:

  • "I have visited SRU multiple times before ASD and every time I visit, I learn something new."
  • "I was informed by current students at SRU there there is much to look forward to, which was more than I expected."
  • "Everyone was so kind and answered all of my questions which made me realize this was the right school for me."

We look forward to next year's Faculty Information Sessions and Accepted Student Days.  Check back for dates for next year's programs this fall.