First Year Students

INCOMING FRESHMEN 2021-2022 Academic Year:   The on-campus housing application is open to new first year students.  Once you submit your enrollment deposit, that week (Friday), you will receive an email from SRU Residence Life and Housing.  Please make certain you are checking your SRU email.  Once you receive that email with specific housing information, you will be directed to log into your MyHousing Portal Student Self-Service portal to complete the process.  First year students are required to reside on-campus unless commuting from their permanent home address, are 21 years of age or older, or are married. 

Fall 2021 Room Selection Timeline

Steps to Complete the Housing Agreement Process:

Prior to completing your housing application, you will need:

Credit card or banking information for an electronic check for the $175 advance housing fee. This fee is refundable up until May 1 (the same date you have to cancel your admission to the University).

SRU will also need the date of meningitis vaccination. This is required by Pennsylvania; vaccination date can be obtained from high school records or from your physician. A waiver can be electronically requested when vaccination is medically contraindicated.

Before starting the contract, on the MyHousing portal, select “About Me” then Addresses /Contacts” section. Please edit Parental Verification under Contacts section before starting the agreement. The parent email listed will be used for “parental verification” of the agreement for students under the age of 18.

Please Note:

The main form of communications from Slippery Rock University will be your SRU email. Please set this up (and forward to a used account if needed) to be sure you receive correspondence.

You will see at the beginning of the contract that all first-year students are required to live on campus at Slippery Rock University. If you are a first-year student, you may request an exemption from this residency requirement policy if you meet any of the following conditions:  You wish to live at your permanent home address with your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and you live within 60 miles, or one hour of campus, you are twenty-one (21) years of age or older, or you are married.  You and your parents will need to submit a notarized letter stating that you will be living with your parents at your permanent home address in order to be exempt from residing on campus.

PHASE 1 (Complete the housing agreement)

STEP 1:  Sign agreement

Username:  Your SRU email 

Password:  Your password is the same one you use to check your SRU email, or if you have never logged in before it is your six-digit birthday.  Ex (mmddyySru)

  • On the right-hand menu, select About Me, then select the Addresses/Contacts. Edit Parental Verification under Contacts section before starting the agreement. The parent email listed will be used for the “parental notification” step for students under 18 years old.
  • Select Application in the right-hand menu.
  • Select the Fall 2021 agreement.
  • You will see the full housing agreement. Please read and review fully, and then sign.

STEP 2:  Placement Questions and Meningitis Waiver 

  • Next, you will see some specific questions to answer related to placement. In addition, per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, students must have a meningitis vaccine (or waive this requirement). If you have had the vaccine, select yes and submit date. If not, select waive online. We still highly encourage all residents to get the vaccination after-the-fact, as able. Please complete this information to the best of your ability. This will assist in the roommate-matching process, if needed.
  • If you have any special needs or accommodations, please check the box. Students requesting specific housing due to medical issues must be registered with the Office of Disability Services.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life cannot accommodate requests to medical concerns unless you are registered with the Office of Disability Services.

STEP 3:  LLC and Living Request

  • Continue to Living Requests. You can add 2 preferences: Living Leaning Community (LLC) and/or Campus Area (Suites or Traditional). Please note this is only a preference; traditional hall spaces are limited. Once each is selected, click “add” to record your selection.
  • After reviewing the Living-Learning Community information, if you believe one of those communities would be a good fit for you personally or academically, you can add that as a “living request.”
  • If you select to live in an LLC and your major matches the LLC requirement, you will automatically be approved. If not, your application will be reviewed.
  • If you or your roommate are applying for an LLC, you must be aware that both roommates must apply to the LLC (and approved) or the request cannot be honored.

STEP 4:  Pay $175.00 Housing Fee

  • Next you will be prompted to pay the $175.00 housing fee via credit card. You will be directed to a payment form online. You should then see a receipt of payment and you will receive email confirmation with the copy of the agreement they signed.

STEP 5: Parental Verification for applicants under 18 years old (typically does not include continuing or transfer students).

  • The parent email you listed in “Addresses/Contacts” will receive an email for agreement verification.
  • Parent will click the link on the email and will take them to the MyHousing portal to login as their students.
  • Once logged in, it will take them to the page where they will enter the verification code received in the email.
  • Parent will enter the verification code then click Submit.
  • It will take them to the Fall contract for parents to sign then click Verify Application
  • They will get a confirmation that the verification process is complete.

That completes Phase I! By completing these steps, you have secured a space in on-campus housing for 2021-2022.

Update - May 1:  The roommate matching software is now turned off.  The Housing Office will do your housing placement for you within the week of you submitting your housing application.  You will receive an email (to your SRU email) that you have been placed.  If you have a roommate request, please check with your intended roommate first to see if they already have a housing assignment.  If they do, they will need to let the Housing Office know that they are okay with relocating to be with you.  If your intended roommate has a placement and you do not, have them email and cc you and state that they are okay with relocating.  At this time, we have double studios and double suites available and traditional housing is still open too.