First Year Students


INCOMING FRESHMEN 2022-2023 Academic Year:   The on-campus housing application will open the week of November 15th  for new freshmen.  We will start corresponding with those students who have submitted their $90 enrollment fee starting each week..  Please make certain you are checking your SRU email.  Once you receive that email with specific housing information, you will be directed to log into your MyHousing Portal Student Self-Service portal to complete the process.  First year students are required to reside on-campus unless commuting from their permanent home address, are 21 years of age or older, or are married. 

Steps to Complete the Housing Agreement Process:

Prior to completing your housing agreement, you will need:

  1. A credit card or banking information for an electronic check for the $175 advance housing fee. This is non-refundable after May 1.
  2. Date of meningitis vaccination. This information is required. Your vaccination date can be obtained from your physician or your high school records. A waiver can be electronically requested when vaccination is medically contraindicated.
  3. Slippery Rock University’s primary form of communication will be via your SRU email account. Please log in frequently, or forward your University email to another personal account, to be sure you receive correspondence. All first-year students are required to live on campus at Slippery Rock University. If you are a first-year student, you may request an exemption from this residency requirement policy if you meet any of the following conditions:
  • You wish to live at your permanent home address with your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) AND your permanent home address is within 60 miles or one hour of campus. Please mail a notarized letter to the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 105 Watson Hall, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.
  • You are 21 years old or older.
  • You are married.

NOTE: While these steps are geared toward incoming students, the instructions apply to current students as well. Current students may see a slightly different agreement option, and parental verification will not apply to anyone over 18.

STEP 1: Complete “Addresses/Contacts” in the “About Me” Section

Before you start signing the agreement, please visit the “About Me” section, found on the main menu. Please complete the “addresses/contacts” section as a parent email will be needed later in the application section for students under 18 years of age.

STEP 2: Sign the Housing Agreement

  • Log into MyHousing Portal:
  • Username: Your SRU ID (email account)
  • Password: Your password is the same one you use to check your SRU email, or if you have never logged in before, it is your six-digit birth date (mmddyySru).
  • Select “Application/Agreement” on the menu.
  • Select the Fall 2022 agreement.
  • Sign the agreement electronically. This will serve as your signature for the 2022- 2023 academic year. Click “continue.”

NOTE: Students residing on-campus are required to obtain a meal plan.  The University will automatically invoice you for weekly 14 meal plan as outlined in your housing agreement.  You may log back in to your MyHousing portal to change your meal plan after July 1st. Please visit or contact Dining Services for more specific details at 724-738-2038.  

  • Next, you will Complete the “My Information Section.”
  • Students requesting specific housing due to medical issues must be registered with the Office of Disability Services. The Office of Housing and Residence Life cannot accommodate requests to medical concerns unless you are registered with the Office of Disability Services.
  • Students residing in residence halls are required to have received the meningococcal vaccination. Please provide the date you received the vaccination or waive the vaccination
  • You will have the option to give a preference on campus area (Residential Suites, Buildings A-F or Traditional Halls, North and Rhoads). This is only a request and cannot be guaranteed.

STEP 3: Complete your Living Requests (Optional).

  • You will have the option to give a Living Learning Community (LLC) preference. After reviewing the Living-Learning Community spreadsheet in this booklet, or online, if you believe one of those communities would be a good fit for you personally or academically, make it a preference.
  • Please note: If you select to live in an LLC and your major matches the LLC requirement, you will be automatically approved. If not, your application will be reviewed.
  • If you or your roommate are applying for an LLC, you must be aware that both roommates must apply to the LLC – and approved – or the request cannot be honored.
  • After you had selected your preferences, click “Continue.”

STEP 4: Pay Housing Fee

  • Next, you will pay the housing fee. This step is not optional and without the fee, your application will not be processed. After you have completed both the agreement and submitted payment, you will be directed to sign your meal contract. Changes to your dining plan may be made at the beginning of July via the MyHousing Portal.
  • You will receive an email via your SRU email account confirming that you have completed Step 1.
  • If the student is under 18 years of age, a verification will be sent to the parent email entered in the “About Me” section.
  • Click Home.

Step 5: Roommate/Suitemate Request (Optional)

Students can log in an select roommates up until February 28th.

If you are looking for a roommate/suitemates there is an area where you can post (or view) roommate wanted ads.  It is on your MyHousing portal, under Helpful Links, “Roommate Wanted Ad”.

  • Using MyHousing Portal, under the Room Selection menu, click “Select Roommates.”
  • Select Fall 2022 for the term.
  • Search for roommate/suitemates under “Roommate Requests.”
  • Roommate requests are limited to no more than three other students and must be mutual.
  • Roommate/suitemate requests will take preference over all other personal preferences. Your requested roommate/ suitemate must also list you on their request.
  • If a student has not been admitted to SRU, has not signed a housing agreement, or has already been assigned a room, you won’t be able to request them as a roommate at the time of the application. You will need to make a specific request by calling 724.738.2082. You may also return to MyHousing to update your requests at a later date, if needed.

If you do not have a roommate in mind, you may still select your room type. Please know a roommate(s) will be assigned to your suite by Housing.

STEP 6: Choose your room in March. You will receive an email to your SRU account before this step begins.

  • MARCH: Students who have completed their housing application and submitted the $175 fee prior to Feb. 28 may select their own room during the month of March. Students may also select their roommate(s) at that time if they have not yet done so.
  • APRIL: Students who apply for housing after Feb. 28 but before March 31 may select their room/roommate the first week in April. Students who apply for housing on or after April – or anyone who did not select rooms – will receive their housing assignment from the Housing and Residence Life Office. As always, we will work with you. Please check your SRU email regularly for notifications. The Housing and Residence Life Office strives to make sure all students have their housing placement matters finalized prior to orientation. More information on the room selection process will be sent to you via your SRU email account. For more information, call 724.738.2082. Find us Facebook and Instagram at sru_housing.

NOTE: Current upper-class students will have an earlier room selection timeline, beginning in February.