SRU Gateway

We have created this one-semester program for high school graduates who have demonstrated the potential to succeed with the support of SRU Gateway. This program occurs during the fall semester and provides students with the academic support, the smaller class sizes, and the expertise of our best professors to prepare for university-level coursework and for success in a future major. After earning a "C" or above in each SRU Gateway course, students receive full acceptance into Slippery Rock University.

The Curriculum 
Participants in SRU Gateway enroll in 5 college-level courses during the fall semester. These courses have been designed to build confidence and to set an academic foundation for timely graduation. These courses, once completed with a "C" or better, count for13 credits that apply directly to Slippery Rock University's graduation requirements.

All SRU Gateway students enroll in the following courses:
ENGL 102 "Critical Writing" (3 credits)
USEM101 "University Seminar" (3 credits)
THEA 141 "Art of the Theatre" (3 credits)
POLS 101 "American National Government" (3 credits)

The Results
Current SRU students who have completed SRU Gateway have said that the program improved their study skills, taught them to better manage their time, built confidence in their abilities, and fostered close relationships with SRU faculty and administrators...

"I realized in SRU Gateway the real importance and seriousness of college and the importance to do well. I believe that SRU Gateway made me a better student and made me more prepared. I am now rather confident and excited to really do well at SRU."

"I think my new ability to work hard and get my work done will take me a long way."

"Thank you for giving me a second chance. I know that not every university has this kind of program but that is why I am so grateful for SRU."

"I feel very prepared for the spring semester."

"This spring semester I'm going to get A's and B's after taking classes in SRU Gateway. I now know what it takes to do well in college."

Similar results are within your reach. As is graduation. We will help you take the first steps, and we will celebrate your ultimate steps across the stage, receiving your college diploma.

What to do Next
Admission to SRU Gateway is competitive and limited to only 15 participants. The first step is to complete an application for Slippery Rock University. Second, you will need to submit an application for the Gateway program itself.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does SRU Gateway cost?
SRU Gateway is built around the standard tuition and fee schedule for the University. There are no additional program costs for SRU Gateway. For Fall 2017, in-state participants in the program paid $5,102 for the semester. Additional fees apply if a student chooses to live on-campus, purchases a parking pass, or desires a meal plan.

Are SRU Gateway students eligible for financial aid?
As non-degree seeking students, SRU Gateway participants are not eligible for federal or state financial aid. Private education lenders may provide loans for SRU Gateway. In addition, families with qualified tuition plans (i.e. 529 plans) may be allowed to apply funds toward SRU Gateway. Those interested in finding out more about financing SRU Gateway are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid.

SRU Gateway participants who successfully complete the program and are accepted to Slippery Rock University as degree-seeking students may be eligible for federal and state financial aid for the spring semester and for summer school. Students who wish to be considered for PA State Grant aid must have the FAFSA completed by May 1. This deadline does not apply to federal aid/loans.

Are SRU Gateway students eligible to live on-campus?
SRU Gateway students are eligible to live on-campus on a space-available basis. For more information about campus housing options, please visit Housing at SRU.

What campus amenities do SRU Gateway students have access to?
SRU Gateway students will receive a Slippery Rock University ID card and will be eligible to purchase a parking pass, dining plan, and live on-campus. They will have full access to all campus resources including the campus recreation center, student health services, campus events and organizations, and more. As provisional admits to SRU, Gateway program students are expected to abide by all rules and regulations that apply to SRU students.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities such as Fraternity or Sorority life?
Yes. However, please be aware that the successful completion of SRU Gateway is required for college admission. It is highly recommended that extracurricular activities are only begun once you have successfully completed SRU Gateway and are admitted to Slippery Rock University in the spring.

What are the courses like in SRU Gateway?
POLS 101 "American National Government" with Dr. Heather Frederick. This courses surveys American national politics, with emphasis on the Constitution, parties, interest groups, elections, organization and structure of government.

THEA 141 "Art of the Theatre" with Dr. David Skeele. An introduction to the elements of the theatre: acting, playwriting, directing, producing, design and technology. Attention to the ways in which theatre springs from the nature of the community in historical as well as contemporary settings. A lecture course; no performance skills required.

USEM 101 "University Seminar" with Dr. Danette Dimarco.  University Seminar sections have varied content and promote deeper, intellectual inquiry, critical and creative thinking; and introduce students to exploring topics such as diversity and inclusion and global awareness.

ENGL 102 "Critical Writing" with Dr. Chris Kreiser. In this course students develop a full understanding of rhetorical principles, including invention, organization, and audience, along with strategies for revising and editing their prose that emphasize clarity, coherence, support, and the standards of edited American English. Students also learn to develop positions on selected issues and questions and compose strongly supported and reasoned arguments regarding those issues and questions. Finally, students learn basic information literacy skills, which will include how to locate, evaluate, and incorporate a variety of sources into their writing. Students use these skills to conduct independent research and to integrate research into written essays.

What are the program requirements to gain full admission to SRU?
In order to successfully gain admission to Slippery Rock University for the spring semester, participants must earn a "C" or better in each SRU Gateway course. Those who do so will automatically be admitted to SRU and eligible to take courses the following spring semester as a degree-seeking student.

What happens if a participant does not meet the program requirements?
Participants who do not achieve a "C" or better in each SRU Gateway course will not be eligible to enroll at SRU as a degree-seeking student. However, such participants will have achieved college-level credits during the semester and may be eligible to transfer those credits to another college or university.

Where can I find out more and meet the faculty and administrators?
Meet the faculty, administrators, and current SRU Gateway students at our annual mid-April Open House. 

Additional Information
For additional information regarding SRU Gateway, please contact the office of Admissions.