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Become a Physician Assistant at Slippery Rock University

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Physician Assistant Studies

The faculty and staff of Physician Assistant Studies at SRU are committed to preparing our graduates to adapt to the ever-changing medical profession, while becoming gainfully employed as mid-level medical care providers and filling the medical needs of the region.

Mission Statement

The program focus is to train and develop Physician Assistants, with a passion for special needs populations, to better meet medical needs. The program will aspire to promote life-long learners while advancing health needs of the regions served by the University. Graduates will have skills and leadership talents to make a difference in the quality of life in the health care environment in which they will work.

Visionary Goals

The Slippery Rock University Physician Assistant Program bases its five primary program goals on the mission of the program.

  1. Provide an affordable education in Physician Assistant studies
  2. Graduate Physician Assistants with a special focus on special needs patient populations
    • Validated by completion of special needs population courses, practicums and clerkships
    • Validated by logging patient encounters classified as special needs populations
  3. Graduate Physician Assistants will be competent heath care providers
    • Validated by benchmark exams
  4. Graduate Physician Assistants who will exhibit honesty, interpersonal skills and interprofessional competencies while working as members of healthcare teams
    • Measured by preceptor evaluations, utilizing indicators for professionalism, interpersonal skills, and interprofessional competencies
  5. Graduate skilled, competent Physician Assistants with a knowledge base that contributes to the provision of quality health care in nearby regions
    • Evidenced by completion of Institute of Health care Improvement (IHI) Open School basic certificate in quality and safety