Mission, Outcomes, Accreditation

Department Mission

The Department of Sport Management at Slippery Rock University strives to be a leader in providing practical and transformative undergraduate education, with a focus on student success in the field of sport business.  We encourage our students' intellectual, personal, and professional growth through a challenging academic program augmented by relevant experiential requirements.  As one of the oldest academic Sport Management programs in the country, we are committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the sport industry's premier partners in sport management education. In pursuit of our mission, we primarily focus our efforts on:

  • Providing quality undergraduate instruction through engaging pedagogy
  • Preparing students to critically analyze issues and problems related to sport business
  • Ensuring students are proficient in the outcome areas of communication, critical thinking and problem solving, values and ethics, social awareness and civic responsibilities, global interdependence, personal development, aesthetic perception and ability and professional proficiency
  • Requiring sufficient contact hours in practical settings to enhance student learning
  • Connecting students to the university community, the profession and to the world

Student Outcomes

The Sport Management faculty has established eight program outcomes for the undergraduate program that are implemented on a daily basis inside and outside the classroom.  These program outcomes are an extension of the mission statement and connect to the university's outcomes. In order to achieve our mission, these outcomes are assessed using a variety of direct and indirect performance indicators  

  1. Communication - use communication skills with individuals and groups; disseminate information in a variety of oral, written and electronic formats to diverse populations such as customers, clients, employees and managers.
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - apply critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems and make managerial decisions through the integration of theory and practice.
  3. Values and Ethics - promote ethical behavior, enhance personal integrity, value diverse social and cultural environments and understand their impact on decision making in sport managerial situations
  4. Social Awareness and Civic Responsibilities - use knowledge of sport management organizations to interact effectively in a variety of social and political contexts.  Understand the value of civic engagement for sport organizations and individuals
  5. Global Interdependence - function effectively in the global workplace and marketplace
  6. Personal Development - demonstrate intellectual curiosity  and apply it in the sport management profession
  7. Aesthetic Perception and Ability - understand and utilize creativity in sport management contexts
  8. Professional Proficiency - utilize current theoretical and practical research to develop sport management competencies that can be applied to the sport industry. Foster professional development through participation in professional organizations, practical experiences and volunteer activities


Slippery Rock University is accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). Our students benefit from the external verification of quality provided by COSMA's rigorous accreditation process. We were the first program in the U.S. to receive this accreditation in 2010.

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