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Career Education and Development

Life is about learning and change; education and development. The SRU Office of Career Education and Development supports students and alumni in their learning and career development through appointments, career management tools, speaking events, networking venues, on-campus employer interviews, and both on and off campus career expos and job fairs.

Learning happens throughout our lives, both in the classroom and on the job. But rote knowledge and technical skills are simply not enough in today's competitive workforce. While a person fosters their academic and technical skills development, they also need to pay equal attention to their personal career development which encompasses a wide array of factors.

Visit us today and let's talk; not only about finding a job, but achieving ultimate career satisfaction.

About Our Office

Out office serves a broad array of stakeholders from students and alumni, to faculty, administrators, parents and employers. Because of our strong foundations in deep-rooted learning, our office is a little different from a traditional "career services" center:

  • Education: We focus our efforts on providing education to our stakeholders, supporting the learning and action outcomes that they have set for themselves.

  • Development: Today, earning a college degree is important but it is not enough. Students must use each year of their studies to develop professionally, to develop culturally and to develop a network of those with hiring influence who know them.

The fusion of "education and development" into our office name and attitude in 2012 also dramatically changed how we serve our stakeholders. Visit us, and experience a team of professionals who dedicate themselves each day to: choosing a service-based attitude, making the day of our stakeholders, being 100% present for our stakeholders during our visits and remaining positive and approachable; the way educators should be.