Education Majors

Education is a both a rewarding and challenging field for new professionals who want to make a difference, be creative, and empower young children. The career office understands these hurdles and works diligently to ensure that education majors aren't deterred from making a difference in the lives of their future pupils.

The Educator's Professional Employment Documents

Your resume is an important representation of who you are, what you have done, and what skills you are bringing to the position. It can be a 1-page or 2-page document as long as the information is relevant to your future career path and explained in a thoughtful, targeted manner. Before you begin your resume, read related job descriptions on online job boards and explore the skills, abilities, and knowledge required of educators through the Occupational Outlook Handbook or O*Net.


Interviewing with a school district recruiter, principal, or superintendent can be intimidating but it can also be an excellent opportunity to share your passion for your subject area, creativity in lesson planning, and genuine concern for students' learning and well-being. The interview should be your place to shine, so be sure to prepare ahead of time, practice using Big Interview (code: 0669) or meet with a Career Coach for a Mock Interview, dress appropriately, and maintain a thoughtful, professional conversation throughout the interview. Refer to our interview page as well as utilize some of our resources below to ensure you are prepared for your next interview!


There is no doubt that teaching in Pennsylvania is competitive at this time, but our SRU graduates are finding positions both in and out of Pennsylvania each year. Part of the steps for being successful is to know where and how to look for positions both regionally, nationally, and even internationally. We've pulled together resources and job sites for education majors into the guide below to ensure you have the information needed to succeed.


In order to ensure you are completing the exact PECT or PRAXIS test for your SRU Certification check out the guides below. The testing guides will also indicate passing scores, prices, and the specific test code to use while registering.


Certification in Other States

  • Certification Map provides links to state departments of education as well as information about becoming a teacher including the tests required by each state and teacher salary statistics.