College of Education

The College of Education Strives for Academic Excellence: Students will undergo a systematic study of the act of teaching and learning, learn the principles that have guided the greatest teachers, and study what science tells us about being effective. Students will also be placed into teaching situations where they will be guided to apply theory into practice. The College of Education has been recognized for excellence in these areas, including NCATE Accreditation.

Mission Statement

The College of Education's mission is to prepare teacher candidates and related professionals for service in a diverse global community. Within this context, teaching, scholarship, and service are viewed as a triad in which teaching is enlightened by scholarship and applied through service.

Vision for the College of Education

The Underlying Vision of the College of Education embraces and upholds The Vision of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) whose ultimate commitment is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to lead productive and meaningful lives by becoming academically, socially and economically successful locally, regionally and globally. Together, this match in vision between the College of Education and PASSHE is in concert with the vision of our University: Slippery Rock University will excel as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world. The University and College of Education's shared mission and vision work reciprocally to provide high quality instruction through a mission of service that connects scholarship in traditional and non-traditional classrooms which is supported by technology initiatives enjoyed by both teachers and students alike.