External Scholarships

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Alure Home Improvements Scholarship

Applicant must be a U.S. undergraduate incoming freshman with at least a 3.0 GPA.  The applicant must also write an essay between 1,000 and 1,500 words and write a personal statement no longer than 500 words.  The deadline is December 1, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.

Awakening Young Minds Scholarship

Applicant must be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate institution and be in good educational standing.  The applicant must also submit the essay as a PDF, along with name, address, and proof of current enrollment.  The deadline is August 10, 2017.  For more information, visit this website

Fight Back From Cancer Scholarship

Applicant must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program by June 5, 2017.  The applicant must be a cancer survivor or currently in remission or a surviving immediate family member of someone who has passed away with cancer.  The applicant must submit an essay of 500 words or less describing your situation.  The deadline is December 30, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.

General Marketing Education Scholarship

Applicant must be enrolled in college and submit an essay of 1,000 words (minimum) describing their educational goals and plans for after graduation.  The deadline is December 15, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.

horace mann bond-leslie pinckney hill scholarship

This program is managed by Pennsylvania's Department of Education. This scholarship program provides financial assistance to highly-qualified Pennsylvania students from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and Lincoln University of Pennsylvania who pursue select professional and graduate degree programs Pennsylvania state related universities and is now being expanding to include graduate programs at universities in Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education. (Note: the PDE website has not yet been updated to reflect its expansion.) Scholarship awards cover the cost of full-time tuition and tuition-related fees and course materials for up to four years, or eight full-time semesters, of graduate or professional study, depending on the student's chosen program and academic standing. PDE reviews scholarships applications on a rolling basis and contingent upon available funding. New awards are granted to eligible applicants pursuing approved professional and graduate degree programs at Pennsylvania state-related universities and universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Award recipients may not enroll in graduate programs at their respective undergraduate universities. Qualified students are eligible to receive a Bond-Hill Scholarship for the length of the program as defined by the graduate university, not to exceed a total of eight full-time semesters.
New scholarship awards will be approved in accordance with the following tiered process, contingent upon available funds.Tier I: Awards will be granted to eligible new applicants pursuing the following professional programs: Law, Medicine, Podiatry, and Dentistry.
Tier II: To the extent that additional scholarship funds are available after the first level is fully funded, scholarships will be awarded to eligible students admitted to professional and graduate programs in the following fields of study: Public administration; Business; Public Health Administration; Education, Counseling, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Health Sciences (STEM-H); and Computer Science.  Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education web site for further information.

The InvestmentZen $1k Financial Future Scholarship

Applicant must be enrolled full-time and write an essay between 500 and 1,500 words.  The deadline is April 1, 2018.  For more information, visit this website.

Latino College Dollars

The Latino College Dollars is a free online scholarship guide for Latino students featuring information on over 300 scholarships and fully customized searches online. Every scholarship has varying requirements, including its own application. Almost all scholarships will ask for some combination of the following things: one or two essays; letters of reference; writing sample; resume; transcripts; copy of student aid report; parent and student tax returns and W-2 forms; GPA certification form; enrollment verification form; and/or copy of financial aid award letter. Visit Latino College Dollars for additional information.

Mesothelioma Scholarship

Applicants should be those who have battled cancer at any point in their lives (not limited to mesothelioma) or those who have a parent, sibling, immediate family member or close friend that has battled or is currently fighting cancer.  Applicants must be in good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of a 3.0 or higher and may be either an undergraduate or graduate student.  The deadline is August 15, 2017 for the Fall 2017 semester.  For more information, visit this website.

River Cohen Giving Scholarship

Applicant must write a short essay (under 500 words) answering the following question, "How can philanthropy change the world?"  The deadline is November 30, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.

Sallie Mae Bridging the dream scholarship

Applicants must be high school juniors and seniors nominated by the high school counselors and/or community group leaders.  The applicants must work hard and inspire others, have an interesting story to tell, and are gifted or skilled in an outstanding way.  The application window is from August 10, 2017 to September 7, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.

Votacall Scholarship

Applicant must write an essay answering the following question: "Look into your crystal ball for a moment.  Technology impacts our lives tremendously both personally and professionally.  Some would say technology advances us while others believe that it will eventually hold us back as people.  Under the influence of Technology, good or bad, what will the world look like in 20 years and what will be the omnipresent technological advance that will drive us there?"  The deadline is September 15, 2017.  For more information, visit this website.