Campus Reservations for Faculty, Staff, & Students


RecURRINg Events Requests

University departments and recognized student organizations conducting university business may schedule university facilities generally without charge. Clubs, organizations, and university departments hosting regular weekly meetings throughout the semester must be submitted by the following dates: 

  • November 1st for Spring Semester Reservations
  • April 1st for Fall Semester Reservations 

Events are scheduled in the order requested. Events in classroom facilities are not reserved until the schedule of academic courses is finalized.

Reservation forms

Availability of rooms can be checked under the University Calendar on the Astra Calendar. Please check availability of rooms prior to submitted required forms. 

All events in classrooms, auditoriums, and the Student Center must be submitted by a University Event Reservation Request Form. Completed reservation forms may be submitted electronically through Astra Events or delivered to the Student Center Information Desk.

Contact: Nicole Taggart
Phone: 724.738.2541

Sales and Solicitation

University organizations looking to host fund-raising activities, donation drives, or any event involving the collection of funds or items must be approved by the Smith Student Center offices. Solicitation Request Forms may be submitted electronically via email to or delivered to the Student Center Information Desk. 

Smith student center ADVERTISING

University organizations looking to advertise events or information in the Smith Student Center by Window Posters, Digital Screens, or Banners will need to submit the appropriate request form. All forms for University Events Reservations, Sales & Solicitation, and advertising must be downloaded and submitted through the Student Portal CORE.


  • After logging into CORE, search "Student Center and Conference Services"
  • Click on the "Forms" tab
  • Select the desired form for Window Posters, Digital Signage, Event Reservations, and/or Banner Request Forms
  • Follow instructions for each individual form and Submit 

*Please submit forms one (1) week before desired posting date*
For questions regarding advertising polices or procedures, please email: