State System launches "Faculty Expertise Showcase"


Oct. 26, 2017

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Faculty experts from across Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, including 21 from Slippery Rock University, are now available at the click of a mouse.

The State System's Faculty Expertise Showcase recently launched, featuring faculty experts from all of PASSHE's 14 universities on one simple and searchable web page.


The database, available at, allows members of the media and public to more efficiently connect with subject-matter experts across the System as well as increase the State System's media presence.

"The Office of the Chancellor continually seeks out opportunities to share stories about the students, faculty, and staff that make our 14 universities the remarkable places they are," said Alicia Brumbach, director of communications and social media for the State System. "Whether in print, online or on television, we are focused on telling the story of why the State System matters.

"We have been exploring how to better highlight the universities' talented faculty more prominently on the State System's website, in social media and through other communication channels. The Faculty Expertise Showcase allows all State System stakeholders and the public to see a sampling of our talented faculty and learn about the knowledge and expertise they share with students. The showcase will continue to evolve and additional faculty will be added to the showcase over time."

Faculty included in the database are searchable either alphabetically or grouped by one of 14 different academic areas including:
-Arts and communication.
-Behavioral and social sciences.
-Biological sciences.
-Computer and information sciences.
-Earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences.
-English and humanities.
-Environmental, geographical and geological sciences.
-Health sciences.
-History, political science and philosophy.
-Hospitality, recreation and sports studies.
-Mathematics and chemistry.
-Physics and engineering.

SRU faculty included in the inaugural edition of the faculty showcase are:
-Erik Bieniek, assistant professor, special education.
-Larry Breitenstein, assistant professor, public health and social work.
-Colleen Cooke, professor, parks, conservation and recreational therapy.
-Matthew Erickson, associate professor, special education.
-Jeffery Yi-Lin Forrest, professor, School of Business.
-Stacy Hrizo, associate professor, biology.
-Emily Keener, assistant professor, psychology.
-Betsy Kemeny, assistant professor, parks, conservation and recreational therapy.
-Jeffery Loveland, associate professor, occupational therapy.
-J. Lyn Miller, assistant professor, mathematics and statistics.
-Rebecca Morrice, associate professor, theatre.
-Lia Paradis, associate professor, history.
-Suzanne Rose, professor, elementary education.
-Tamra Schiappa, professor, geography, geology and the environment.
-Kimberly Smith, associate professor, exercise and rehabilitative sciences.
-Robert Snyder, professor, elementary education.
-Sam Thangiah, professor, computer science.
-Becky Thomas, assistant professor, parks, conservation and recreational therapy.
-Eric Tuten, assistant professor, history.
-Barbara Westman, associate professor, art.
-Donald Zapien, professor, chemistry.

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