Web Privacy

SRU Web policy requires any site collecting personally identifiable information to provide a privacy policy statement describing how the information will be used. The statement or a link to it should be provided on the web page requesting the information. Each department or organization is responsible for providing privacy policy statements for web sites they administer, and each privacy policy statement should be tailored to the specific kind of information collected.

The collection and use of the information must comply with the University Institutional Privacy Policy, the Student Records provisions of the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and its implementing regulations.

Institutional sites and pages which exchange money or secure information are subject to additional requirements and review by the SRU's Internal Auditor. Transaction and security must be provided for protected information. Such security is subject to review or audit by the SRU's Internal Auditor.

E-mail addresses obtained as a result of a request to a University Web site will not be sold or given to private companies or other organizations for marketing purposes.

Web Server Logs and Metrics

When someone visits www.sru.edu, internal servers automatically collect and store limited information about the visitor's computer connection to the Internet. The information collected allows Slippery Rock University to make the site more useful to visitors. Slippery Rock University does record some or all of the following information:

  1. The Internet Protocol address (IP address) of the machine a visitor used to access the website. A visitors IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the Internet know where to send data. A visitor's IP address does not identify them personally.
  2. The date and time a user visited www.sru.edu.
  3. The pages visited on www.sru.edu.
  4. The Web browser, type of computer and operating system used to access www.sru.edu.
  5. A list of files downloaded or viewed
  6. The amount of time spent viewing files

This data DOES NOT contain any personally identifiable information. Data is used to analyze website traffic and make improvements to www.sru.edu.

Slippery Rock University advertises with Google Remarketing, displaying ads across the web to users who may have visited the Slippery Rock University's website in the past or have shown interest in specific information within the site.

  1. Slippery Rock University utilizes cookies to track information unique to each visitor including pages visited and past site activity in order to provide better service when users return to the site as well as provide a better user experience in the future.
  2. Third-party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to serve ads on sites across the internet based on past activity and visits to www.sru.edu.

Visitors may opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Ads Preferences Manager. Alternatively, you may opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Web Directory Services

Faculty, staff and student directory services provided through sru.edu are to be used exclusively to advance SRU's mission of education, research and scholarship for use by prospective students, parents, current students, faculty and the staff of Slippery Rock University.

Any person accessing or establishing a connection to SRU directory services is a User. Any conduct by a User that, in SRU's discretion, restricts or inhibits any other User from using or enjoying the SRU directory services will not be permitted. A User shall use the SRU directory services for lawful purposes only. Use of the directory services for commercial, political, or nefarious purposes, including any sort of solicitation, is prohibited.

A User shall not use the SRU directory services to access information to advertise or perform any commercial or political solicitation or obtain personal economic benefit, including, but not limited to, the solicitation of users to become users of other online information services.

SRU reserves the right to terminate a User's right to use these directory services and/or seek damages if the service is utilized in a manner not intended.